Hello friend, I will discuss the Qilimanjaro project today, and for more details, let’s look at the discussion below:

Qilimanjaro is a platform that creates decentralized quantum computing from every company and ecosystem without using quantum computers. Qilimanjaro Open QL, which will work on the Quantum online platform, is developing open source languages ​​and building a large community of quantum activists. Kilimanjaro acts on the nature and behavior of quantum theory based on atomic and subatomic levels.

Kilimanjaro Ecosystem
Kilimanjaro was created in four parts. They –

Qilimanjaro Computing Service (QCS) – Interest QCS provides access to everyone as a cloud service platform that creates Quantum computers. Bits and qubits work in an easy-to-use way. Companies and individuals in quantum computing enable quantum computing platforms to explore low prices.

Qilimanjaro Software Services (QSS) – The purpose of QSS is to create an operating system that will help individuals and organizations to solve their problems by using a quantum algorithm consisting of a Qilimanjaro quantum computer to provide services to its customers. They provide services to conduct and analyze experiments on their quantum computers.

OpenQL – OpenQ is a decentralized open source network. This is a platform where algorithm developers and solution implementations support problems and algorithms and allow them to test their algorithms. This is an important source of scientific community and developers, where both receive rewards for their work.

Qilimanjaro Qibo Platform – This is a programming platform for managing metal programming interfaces that are outside of their quantum computers. This platform in programming languages ​​is the largest community of programmers interested in quantum programming. By creating a quantum programming ecosystem, they have tried to promote their contribution to the QBIT token.

Jose Ignacio Latorre – CEO – Founder of the Centro de Ciencias de Benasque Pedro Pascual. He produced two documentary films, one of which was the last scientist to experience the Manhattan project. He has worked as an artificial intelligence consultant for the private sector. He has written more than 100 magazines about particle physics and quantum information and has done 12 theories.

Fore-Diaz Survey – Chief Service Q Computing – They have a superconducting quantum device background for quantum information and quantum optical applications. 2010 TU Delft received his doctorate with the line of superconducting echo flow and the study of supercomputing superconductor capabilities.

Artur was at the head of every Garcia-Saez – service problem software – which led the Algorithm Algorithm team. He is currently working on the Supercomputing Center in Barcelona in the area of ​​optimization problems and machine learning applications.

Token matrix
Token –
QBIT – 1 QBIT price = 0.185 USD
Accept – ETH
Minimum investment – USD 20,000
Soft stamp – 9,900,000 USD
Hard stamp – 25 000 000 USD
Country – Estonia

Kilimanjaro created a platform that works on the nature of quantum theory. Quantum computing is a decentralized network ecosystem that is developed where every company and individual performs his duties as a quantum computer owner.
The core team consists of eight members with PhDs and experience in computer science, knowledge, software services and software technology. There are three other councils namely General Manager, Senior Director, CCO and Qubit Protocol at the Quantum World Association. This team has excellent training and experience.
White paper is described as well structured details that are not easily understood by everyone.
Road maps are provided until 2023 and they submit their schedules according to detailed and detailed travel plans.
MVP hasn’t come out yet, but they immediately realized it.
Social media is too low and not active enough at Telegram Group.

Reach social media

Official website: https://qilimanjaro.io/?referral=bitcointalk_bounty

ANN branch: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3738302

WhitePaper: https://qilimanjaro.io/static/whitepaper.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/qilimanjaro

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/QilimanjaroOfficial/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/qilimanjaro


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