Each transaction involves data traffic on the entire network online or offline. Data is very important because content is most important if all regions are not functioning efficiently.

According to research findings and conclusions, the trend of low quality data from data providers is dangerous. In addition to data quality, the industry is also less transparent. Data has been stolen at every event. Stolen data has increased in the past 5 years. Information owners cannot use or control how their data is used.

Imagine the potential of the world where data owners can trade their data in passive income on the platform, allowing owners to control how their information is used. This also ensures that he records bad data and data data only knows the secrets of good data.

Such opportunities should no longer be a problem, complex technology has increased in recent years. With this technology, swiping a network plan can make data monetization data easy and reliable for users and owners.


After the SWIPE network
Like the key swipe, vikrayaharu data, data users and application developers, due to lack of transparency among all users that makes mobile application developers understand and harm and fail to get money from their applications.

What is a SWIPE network?
Swipe the data platform which is a cellular cellular application data to collect, analyze, and process the data sent by the system using dententreteda, and open the path to the purchase data sold, and this advantage is a big part of Armula Madhyasthata to remove assistance but quality data and guarantees reliability cannot


How does SWIPE work?
Threading networks want to support application developers and application users by sharing high quality data.
Provide data to monitor breastfeeding security policies, use smart contracts, policies relating to data exchange, and obtain data and benefits and end-use end users for end users.

Tracking and tracking through TrackPack and TrackPency tracking and tracking
Rate data providers to share data and ad attachments.


Architecture and system design

Unity Swift network property

  • Swipe Brain, which is a data analysis platform used to maintain networks, because it uses smart contracts and ensures business data transparency.
  • Attach a data processor with SDD (Software Development Devices), which allows users to collect data, increase application and financial attachments.
  •  Push Pulling allows users to open the application and see this option to view content on the lock screen.
  • voluntary advertising allows application developers to choose the ads displayed on their applications and reward users who see advertisements in a wider style.
  •  Voice Mission paves the way to attract users because they participate in common tasks such as installing applications, updating site information and conducting research.


How sweeping results are used to monetize Dara

The sweep trail is used to trigger the Swipe Network and is used as payment for pay-as-you-go and as a participating tool found on the platform.

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Ticker: Type SWC Token: ERC20 Total Token: 100,000,000
Received: ETH

At present, SMEU SWIPE is available on the SWIPE network. Supports various platform functions, such as the PUSH and SWIPE SWIPE mission functions. When we build a road map, SWIPE Network 1.0 will be launched in the fourth quarter of 2016.

Finally, the Swipe Network removes trust in its various functions and technologies, sharing data and inability to make money.

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Whitepaper: https://swipecrypto.com/docs/SWIPE_whitepaper_rev1.0.pdf


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