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About FinanceX

eX is an exchange platform that allows users to trade using local currencies from various countries. This makes trading faster and easier because users can buy or sell cryptocurrency directly, not by slower and more difficult methods using intermediaries, such as BTC or ETH. This also means that users can trade from various countries without additional difficulties, this is what makes FinanceX different from other exchanges.

A decentralized project with a value that is beneficial to prospective investors, given the fluctuations in changes in digital assets at the beginning of this year has experienced a very significant increase. The definition of this network uses a rather unique theme from other blockchain platforms around the world, with a balance sheet and investment process that has a profiteering value that exceeds the capital needed in trading modern digital assets.

FinanceX partnered with President University to establish FinanceX Labs in Indonesia. This will be a leading Blockchain Institute that focuses on appropriate solutions across industries and initiatives to incubate, invest, empower blockchain, cryptocurrency entrepreneurs, projects, and communities.

FinanceX Mission

Our mission is to launch a new, convenient and safe platform for trading cryptocurrency that directly uses fiat called “FinanceX”. FinanceX was developed to become a world-class cryptocurrency currency with one of the highest liquidity, and provides absolute security at the lowest cost.

The future of the FinanceX platform as the first generation platform that provides solutions to problems with investors that can be on time and whenever changes in the crypto market or price fluctuations are common in crypto, this platform is searched by potential users who are ready for automatic notification on their mobile devices to leave the world without the least of their activities. Seeks to build an ecosystem that conceptualises the mutual benefit between traders and users, as well as a platform that can continuously support the stability of sales. To solve the problems that are often found by most investors, FinanceX comes to solve it while providing intelligent solutions with a platform that helps the performance and ease of access to their accounts.

FinanceX will release 900 million tokens named FNX.

FNX will be the official trading currency on FinanceX crypto exchange and boost higher liquidity of the platform

ICO Round 1 – 15 Oct – 24 Oct

Amount: 120,000,000 tokens

Price: $0.028

ICO Round 2 – 25 Oct – 04 Nov

Amount: 110,000,000 tokens

Price: $0.036

ICO Round 3 – 05 Nov – 15 Nov

Amount: 90,000,000 tokens

Price: $0.047

Token info

Token FNX

Platform Ethereum

Type ERC-20

PreICO price 1 FNX = 0.014 USD

Price in ICO 1 FNX = 0.047 USD

Tokens for sale 320,000,000

Investment info

Accepting ETH, BTC

Soft cap 3,000,000 USD

Hard cap 15,000,000 USD

Investor Benefit

Using FNX for transaction,

the user will get the discount on fees:


August 2017 – Baseline

August 2018 – Launching in Vietnam

November 2018 – Open new exchange in Indonesia

February 2019 – Open exchanges in Thailand and The Philippines

2019 – Open exchanges in Malaysia, Laos, Myanmar and Singapore

2020 – Open exchanges in Asia Pacific countries

2020 – 2021 – Open Decentralized Exchange

Great Team

FinanceX is founded and developed by experts from all over the world such as Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, and Indonesia with more than 20 years of experiences in the financial industry, information technology, and stocks exchanges.











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