In the XXI century, computer games turned out to be more than amusement – sports, increased reality (with the assistance of VR) and a wellspring of wage. The YUMERIUM decentralized stage is a multipurpose blockchain, fulfilling the necessities of every member in the gaming business for 100%.

YUMERIUM joins designers, gamers and retailers in a single environment and gives money related help to any advancements of this industry with the assistance of the nearby cash – YUM token.

How to profit on the YUMERIUM cryptoplatform?

To procure a YUM token, you don’t have to gather modern mining apparatuses and circled searching for illustrations cards. It’s sufficient just to join the gamer network YUMERIUM and play amusements!

Play web based amusements on the platform, gain and adapt focuses, watch and remark recreations, share your streams, offer or purchase virtual things.

Designers can enlist on the stage YUMERIUM and gain on their diversions.

Publicize your very own diversions for nothing, discharge your own tokens, drawing in the consideration of clients, lead extra dispersions and showcasing efforts on the YUMERIUM stage.

The stage YUMERIUM is fascinating not exclusively to members of the virtual amusements industry, since it enables you to win off-the-diversion!

Interests in the YUM token, after the arrival of altcoin to the cryptographic money trades, will prompt a tremendous rate increment, in light of the fact that:

The YUMERIUM platform collaborates with Subdream Studios and is a platform for web based diversions, with YUM token inserted in it, which guarantees a steady interest and turnover of this virtual money.

Liquidity of the token will be upheld by VR Arcade – YUMERIUM is building up a system of seats with extra virtual reality, income development in this portion for the year 2017 expanded fourfold!

Notwithstanding $ 2.3 million of funding, the platform has propelled its very own virtual amusements, which draw in an ever increasing number of clients, so YUMERIUM will before long wind up self-managed.


The YUM tokens will be appropriated amid two phases of the ICO: from April 22 to May 12 pre-deal will happen and from May 13 to May 19 – the fundamental round. The organization hopes to draw in the most extreme measure of $ 500 million, sending some portion of the assets to help designers of virtual reality recreations.

Why partake in YUMERIUM ICO?

The YUMERIUM platform topples the generalization of the web based gaming industry with sans shareware access to recreations. Out of the blue, Internet clients will approach web based recreations utilizing the equation “acquire and play”.

Late research has demonstrated that each third proprietor of a PC or contraption invests energy in computer games. On the YUMERIUM platform, notwithstanding mining is actualized as a diversion called CryptoMine.

Purchasing the YUM on YUMERIUM ICO is a chance to profit and join business with delight, get to know new recreations and profit on the advancement of the virtual world!

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