SYNTHESTECH group is developing this technology; they have conducted hundreds of experiments and achieved phenomenal
results. Among those results is obtaining of platinum group metals.
This project involves mastering the cold transmutation technology of chemical elements. Cold Transmutation (LENR) Chemical Elements – is an innovation, a revolutionary technology for turning one chemical element into another. Cheap items in precious.
It is a possibility to obtain platinum group metals and other valuable items, including gold, from cheap raw materials by artificial means.

The goal of more analysis by “Synthestech” is to regulate the technology and develop precise techniques for Cold Transmutation of chemical elements; techniques that may be commercially profitable and industrially climbable.
The work is predicated on antecedently obtained knowledge as a results of our own analysis and on the study results of different scientists engaged in LENR reactions.

Blockchain – is a technology to record information about values and its transaction; it’s virtual information.
Cold transmutation – is a method of producing values, physical and objective.

The technology of Cold Transmutation of chemical elements (LENR-Transmutation) is an area that has enormous commercial potential. Elements that can be obtained using cold transmutation, will be in great demand in finance, industry, medicine in finance, industry, medicine. Application of this technology can lead to creation of new industries. The added value and profit can reach thousands of percent. Capitalization of the project can grow ten-folds immediately after the new “Synthestech” laboratory starts to operate.

We offer investors the opportunity to join the Synthestech laboratory by participating in the initial offer of coins (ICO). In this program, Ethereum Synthetic Platform issues a token that will be widely available to investors and that can be used in Bitcoin and Ethereum forms.

Here are the details of selling the chips we offer.
The sale of Tokens is registered by the Swiss company Isotopes SARL, registered in Switzerland.
Project Business Name — “Synthestech”
Token Name: Token Synthestech (Ticker STT)

  • Price 1 STT = 1 USD The
    total of Tokens that will be scattered on the sale of this Token is 18,000,000 STT tokens. All of these chips provide 36% of the profits from the commercialization of the technology.
    Payments will be made automatically to investors via ETH or BTC Wallet, which they use during the Token sales program.

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