There are big names in the private cab businesses and there have been an increasing demand for such service since people have identified it to be less costly than running your own car. It’s preferred by those who don’t need to worry about their personal car’s safety in a place they might have zero attention paid to their car while busy with the day’s task. Others find it more convenient to hail a taxi most especially when their day-to-day’s activity is tasking.

With such a bright business opportunity and a pool of investment advantages, the team members of the Red Cab Inc. have identified even a much larger window of opportunity in merging taxi hailing services with the technology of blockcahin.

It is evident that the blockchain is one of the most trending investment options on the global market, with its value market to have peaked at $832 Billion in 2017. The values and propositions created by this technology since its inception in 2009 hasn’t been fully identified or explored. Features like the smart contract has set a new standard for the way technology is used to seal cyber contracts. There is a layer of security to its name and many other features that drive businessmen to inculcate it into their enterprises.


Network Dominance through balancing supply and demand.

An AI powered personal assistant to boost emotional engagement and customer experience.

More profits for drivers to ensure loyalty and more savings for customers to ensure usability.

A Community driven decentralized solution governed by smart contracts to ensure transparency and consistency.

The customers of the RedCab will enjoy experiences of a decentralized cab hailing service designed on the blockchain technology. There will be an economy-centered selection of the cabs used. Lesser fuel consumption means a lesser fare so this automatically reduces the price a customer has to pay for a trip. From luxury cars for the big fish of the city, to Family cab for a typical family setting. The service was developed for the optimum user’s experience.

One of the biggest saving graces of our business model for our drivers is the 100% take home payment they receive from the customers. The money paid for rides don’t go to a central account but to the driver’s account. This has been designed this way because the revenue for which they opened their doors for don’t come from rider’s fees, but from the number of ads we are able to cover. These ads are shown on the mobile apps used for the hailing and the ads are tailored to each rider using their historical data.

Though this model of operation has to be carefully put in place to ensure adequate balance of the revenue earning model. The team has come up with two plans. Plan A and plan B.

The Plan A is to continue revenue generation stream from drivers’ commission until the revenue stream generated from Geo ads matures to ensure that cash is flowing uninterrupted into the company year over year.

The Plan B is to ramp down the commission percentage as soon the revenue generation from the Geo Ads stream starts picking up.

There is a fantastic feature of the RedCab hailing service on their mobile app.


Depending on your preference, weather you are someone who loves chatting with new people or you are one who loves to ride alone, the Carpooling feature gives you the option to split the ride fare for lower costs by inviting other riders as trip companions with multi drop off and pick up locations. The same engine powering the geo pushed ads will match riders according to personality traits based upon their profiles making the journey as pleasant as possible.

Another way to make money from this platform is the Redcab referral program. Customers can be compensated with the REDC Tokens when he refers the service to a friend who will make use of the app and the driving services.


Accepted Currency for Token Sale: Ethereum

Token Name: REDC

Token Type: ERC20

Exchange: 1 ETH = 2333 REDC

Hard Cap: 24529 ETH

Min Purchase: 0.1 ETH = 233.3 REDC


9% – Team and Founders

3% – Advisors

1% – Bounty

7% – Private Sale

15% – Pre-sale

25% – Reserved for Proof-Of-Driving & Proof-of-Marketing token generation algorithm

40% – Crowd-sale 


29% – Product Development

41% – Marketing, Acquisitions and Partnerships

13% – Management & Advisory board

11% – Admin and Operations

6% – Legal



Q1: The business Idea came, and we started the business research.

Q2: Mobile App development started – first trial and error.

Q3: Market research and business iteration.

Q4: Mobile app MVP launch. Go live on Google Play with both driver and rider clients.


Q1: Go live on iTunes App Store with both clients and operations commencing in one Coastal City.

Q2: Company legal setup. First website launched

Q3: Raised First Round of Investment.

Q4: Operations expansions to 2 coastal cities Partnership with Sierra Global Solutions.

Q1: Launch and redesign new Website Creation of brand identity.

Q2: Soft Launch & Community Building. Partnership with & SkaleUP Ventures. acquisition

Q3: REDC Token creation and ICO launch Partnership with

Q3: REDC Token creation and ICO launch Partnership with

Q4: End of Token Sale and token distribution to contributors. Massive Email Campaign, Social Media & Digital PR to introduce RedCab to the world. Partnership with doPAY payment processor.


Q1: Listing of REDC token in 2 of Top 10 Crypto Exchanges. Listing on Start developing RedCab Dapp with wallet integration. Invest in Infrastructure.

Q2: Expansion of on-ground operations in selected cities in EMEA and LATAM regions. Partnership with an Airline (Name to be be confirmed).

Q3: Proof of Driving and Proof of Marketing product development. Expand our Travel Service Partners, hotels, and restaurants. Listing of REDC Tokens in 1 Top 5 Crypto Exchanges.

Q4: Release of iOS and Android release 2.0 with wallet integration and Cabbi smart bot introduction. Expand Offices in Europe & Asia Markets.

Q1: Phase 2 of Massive marketing campaign. Raise round 2 of investment. Listing of REDC Tokens in two Top 5 Crypto exchanges.

Q2: RedCab Platform development. Data mining and Geo-Ads introduction.

Introduce Proof-of-Driving and Proof-Of-Marketing. Release of dAPP. Decentralized Escrow Exchange for REDC Tokens to trade fiat currency in exchange of REDC.

Q3: Partnership with sports, celebrities, and public figures for Marketing and exposure.

Q4: Expand on-ground operations to North America.


Q1: Listing on all Top 5 Crypto exchanges.


Mohamed Mousa – Co-Founder & CEO

Walid ElGendy – Co-Founder & CBO

Asser Yehia – Co-Founder & CTO

Mohamed Ameen – Co-Founder & Creative Director

Fadi Nashed – Founder & COO

Amr – Chief Trading Officer | Co-Founder At Bitpeaks.Com

Anna Basters – Community Manager

Majed Morsi – Media Content Creator

Ragy Albeer – Team Lead Front-End Development

Hassan Hussien – Animation Manager

Hala Salah Eldin – Senior Web Designer

Ahmad Dewanto – Campaign Manager


Stefan Bergström – Business Strategic Advisor

Danny J. Christ – ICO Advisor

Daniil Morozov – Advisor

Salma ElHariry – Founder & CEO – SkaleUP Ventures

Farooq A. Rahim – Technical Advisor

Alaa Gabr – Advisor – IT Business Consulting – Dell

Amr Tantawy – Field Channel Manager – Oracle

Ahmed ElShawa – Support Escalation Engineer – Microsoft

Yasser Ameen – Senior Technical Engineer – Kaspersky Lab

Mohsen Deeb – Chief Executive Officer at Anzma|Tech

Binod Nirvan – Smart Contract Advisor

Richard Trummer – ICO Advisor

Mohammed Ebrahim – Board Member & Advisor

Savio Gomez – Trusted Advisor

Jeremy Khoo – Chief Strategist & E-Commerce Advisor

Filip Poutintsev – Advisor

It is evident that this new innovation built on the blockchain technology will thrive very well due to its market value and demands. If you wish to know more about my article in a more detailed form, please do well to follow the links below:




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