433 Token

433 Token is designed as a ERC-20 token (Ethereum standard), with its DApps and Ecosystem to be run on the Ethereum platform.We believe blockchain and Smart Contract is another game changing technology. And 433 Token will be the Game Changer for the sports of soccer.

Who will Benefit from the 433 Token Ecosystem?


• Every fan in the world, with 433 tokens, can participate in developing the next superstar and follow his growth closely.

• He/she can bid for a personal experience with his/her favorite player.

• He/she can have more say in soccer decisions.

Youth Talents

• Because of 433 Token, a Youth Talent can be sponsored by fans to learn from the very best.

• Apart from the tangibles (stamina, pace, strength, skills…), the intangible qualities of these Legends (character, attitude, integrity, leadership, tenacity, experience…) are often only accessible through personal interaction.


• For almost all professional soccer players, they face the same challenge of retiring before 40. Starting a second career is not always easy, and walking away from their beloved sports is even more difficult.

• Within the 433 Token Ecosystem, a Legend can build a new legacy by mentoring and developing youth talents.

• He can also interact with his loyal fans in various different ways, while contributing to charitable causes of his choice.


• Having sponsored a Youth Talent with 433 tokens, a scout can closely track his development.

• Transparent and reliable records on blockchain will improve the quality of talent evaluation


• Clubs can make better decisions on player acquisitions, with better evaluation from scouts.

• With more supply of right-minded and properly guided players, Clubs are more likely to improve performance and attract more fans.

Global Legends Series (GLS)

• With 433 Token’s voting utility, fans will help GLS choose more popular game venue, rosters and format.

Blockchain community

• By bringing blockchain and Smart Contracts to 3 billion soccer fans, 433 Token will help promote understanding and acceptance of the technology all over the world.

Cryptocurrency investors

• The 433 Token Ecosystem, if run properly, will likely attract billions of users. As a result, 433 Token could become one highly liquid cryptocurrency

433 Tokens will have three major utilities which are

Sponsoring mentorship,

Fans can directly sponsor Legends in mentoring Youth talents

Sponsors can closely follow the development of a superstar

Scalability of sponsoring utility:

Sponsor current players to improve performance or achieve a specified goal

Sponsor clubs, leagues, national teams

Bidding on auctions,

Fans can bid for Special Events auctioned by a Legend

Highest bidder will enjoy personal interaction with a Legend (e.g. charity dinner, legend-vs-fan friendly match)

Scalability of bidding utility:

Bid for special items, tickets or VIP box

Enter charity lucky draws

Voting on games

Fans can vote for the venue, rosters and even game format of regular Global Legend Series games

Winning voters will get free live streaming and priority ticketing

Scalability of voting utility:

Vote for participating league’s and club’s decisions

Token Specification


For more information visit:

Website http://bit.ly/2AUVAGi

Whitepaper http://bit.ly/2MPNh4o

Twitter http://bit.ly/2M3LBnk

Facebook http://bit.ly/2nqNKLg

My BitCointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2293100

My ETH Address: 0xEE5E677832A32f9aCf1381B05ec7f2160550


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