By implementing Blockchain technology and Smart Contracts, 433 Token Ecosystems will bridge the gap between football superstars, young talents and fans. With decentralization, he aspires to make the most popular sports on Earth more transparent, efficient and democratic.
Business plan summary
Football is by far the most popular sport in the world. As of June 2018, there are more than 3 billion fans worldwide, more than 300,000 football clubs (professional and amateur) and 240 million active players. Twenty of the most valuable football clubs worth a total of US $ 33.8 billion (all the afterlife represents US Dollars), and they generate $ 8.56 billion in revenue a year (up 74% and 40% since 2013). Superstars are very sought after and very well paid. In 2017 Paris Saint-Germain paid $ 263 million to acquire Neymar Jr. (transfer fee). And, Lionel Messi himself earned $ 84 million for salaries and bonuses, not including support in 2018.
However, as popular as football, there is always a gap between superstars and fans. There has never been any direct interaction. And the popularity of sports has created many giant organizations, which have strong centralized power to dictate how football is played, and who tends to succeed in sports.
We, at Soccer Legends Limited, not only love and play soccer, we are also confident in blockchain technology and Smart Contracts. Technology has brought new ways of thinking that are interesting and work in many industries. How to verify and store data has increased transparency, security and scalability. In addition, the ability to deploy Smart Contracts on the blockchain platform has increased trust among users, and enabled many innovative applications.
Through 433 Token Ecosystem, we are determined to bring blockchain technology to football, making sports more transparent and efficient, at the same time empowering soccer fans with abilities they can only dream of before. In doing this for 3 billion people, we have confidence that 433 Tokens will, in return, promote blockchain technology and its acceptance throughout the world.
Our passion for doing this has brought us the Global Legends Series (GLS) partnership, a league of retired soccer legends. All of these legends are household names, who have played professionally at the highest level (Premier League, La Liga, Serie A …) and won many team championships and personal awards (World Cup, Champions League …).
By using 433 Tokens, everyone in the world can enjoy football that has never existed before. He will be able to:
participate in the development of the next superstar,
interact with superstars and legends, and
have a voice in important football decisions
For more information, contact:
Whitepaper: http: //bit.ly/2MdAMhD
Website: http: //bit.ly/2AUVAGi
Facebook: http: //bit.ly/2nqNKLg
Telegram: http: //bit.ly/2vRdV1u
Intagram: http: //bit.ly/2MgyE98
Twitter: http: //bit.ly/2M3LBnk
Medium: http: //bit.ly/2w4AkII
My bitcointalk profil link (nyosop) : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1876033

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