433 Tokens 

433 Tokens 

Designed as an ERC-20 token with DApps and its Ecosystem to run on the Ethereum platform


To date, one of the most frequent intersections between sports and blocks is the lottery, allowing you to bet on crypto currencies for various sporting events, but the situation changes and projects are being developed that are directed entirely in the opposite direction. For example, launched in August, the platform blocked  433 Tokens  , allowing football fans to choose games and communicate with football legends.

Of course, without a big soccer star, the long-distance English master strike  Paul Scholes  and the best goalscorer of Ukraine’s national team  Andrey Shevchenko  became the representative of this decentralized sports ecosystem.


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The holder of the token platform will have access to the application will be able to communicate with soccer stars, but more importantly, to take part in the event – to select tokens for players (thus choosing large new stars), to choose a place from the game , to place tokens in potential new stars, to receive exclusive venues in matches and opportunities to take part in football management.

Given how much money revolves around football, the potential of the project can be considered colossal, and the Token 433 team, making bets on developing decentralization, smart contract distribution, eliminating unnecessary middlemen is the right direction.

433 Tokens will allow people around the world to sponsor mentors, current legends, to find the next star in the game. This cryptocurrency will also allow investors to bid on events, which will give them prizes with the opportunity to have special moments with the legend itself, whether it’s a simple lunch or a Fans vs Legends soccer match. The 433 Token will allow investors to select events and places where the star-studded Global Legends Series exhibition match will take place. All of the above will be done through blockchain technology, which allows transparency, security and scalability.
433 Tokens have been developed by Soccer Legends Limited, a company co-founded by entrepreneurs Jason Sze and Raymond Wong. Other members of the team including Dr. Wailok Tam, Alex Fong, and Anthony Huang, all held key roles in the company. There are nine advisors on board as well, along with soccer legends such as Andriy Shevchenko and Paul Scholes, who have signed up to become mentors for the upcoming stars.
Sales Token
The 433 Token initiative is an ERC-20 token that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. The essence of this initiative is the virtual game, “Global Legend Series,” where participants will be able to choose the place of the match and the list of players’ names. They will also be given the opportunity to be guided by “legends” and participate in sports memorabilia auctions.
There will be a total of 1 billion 433 tokens, which is the maximum inventory. 30% will be offered to the public for the sale of future tokens. 35% will go to reserve, 15% to the foundation, 10% will be given to the founder, 7.5% to the advisor, 1.5% to the development team and 1% to the prize program.
The standard token is ERC-20, with the price of each token being US $ 0.09 / token, ETH is accepted, soft stamp is US $ 4 million, and hard stamp is US $ 27 million.
Football fans of all ages from around the world can access and invest in 433 tokens, through the official Token 433 website. There will also be no betting and gambling facilities at 433 Token Ecosystem.
However, residents and citizens of the United States and the People’s Republic of China are not eligible to participate or invest in 433 tokens.
Token Distribution
Token Sale
• To raise sufficient funds so that the project can run and survive, the 433 Initial Offer Token is
planned for 3rd quarter 2018.
• 300 million of the total supply of 1 billion 433 tokens will be offered, with the aim of increasing US $ 27
million (Hard Cap). Soft Stamp is set at US $ 4 million.
• The Limited Football Legend proposes to fund projects primarily using Token results
Offer, with support from your own capital and other fundraising methods if Hard Cap is not
• Token offers will have three stages:
I. Private sales until October 2018 (may involve bonuses or discounts)
ii. Public pre-sale starts from mid-October 2018 until the end of October 2018 (may involve a bonus)
Me, me. General sales from the end of October 2018 to the end of November 2018
• Detailed dates, terms and conditions of the Token Offer will be available and valid
updated on the official Token website 433: 433token.io
• Soccer Legends Limited will never publish a Token Offer account or address anywhere
except on the official Token website 433.
• Soccer Legends Limited can make further sales of 433 Tokens from backup from now on
Token Name 433 Token
Symbol 433 Token
Tokens Offered by Football Legend Limited
ERC-20 Token Standard
Emission Level No new tokens will be created / mined
Total 1 Billion Supply Token
Number of Tokens that will
300 million (30% of total supply)
The price of each Token is US $ 0.09
Currency Received by ETH
Soft Cap of US $ 4 million
Hard Cap of US $ 27 million

Token Details

Token Ticker: 433 
Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20
Total Token Supply:
Tokens for sale: 300,000,000 
Acceptable currency: 
Price of ETH Token: 1 Token = US $ 0.09 
Hard stamp: US $ 27 million.
For more information, visit:
 Whitepaper: http: //bit.ly/2MdAMhD
Website: http: //bit.ly/2AUVAGi
Facebook: http: //bit.ly/2nqNKLg
Telegram: http: //bit.ly/2vRdV1u
Intagram: http: //bit.ly/2MgyE98
Twitter: http: //bit.ly/2M3LBnk
Medium: http: //bit.ly/2w4AkII
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