Blinked is a social media referral platform run by a group of qualified users that gives users up to 90% of advertising revenue. Members are active advisors and earn 90% of their income. Your income level is determined by your participation. Members share things, places, services and other things. For prize money, members exchange income from talc flashing. In return, members will be given a symbolic code (BLKD).

Recommended Blocked Blockchain Network Feature
Join more than 13,000 customers. The platform takes KYC seriously. Interested in buying the BLKD code must provide the information needed for an advanced review process that can last up to 48 hours. To increase privacy, this platform does not disclose and share information sent with third parties.

Members who want to buy the BLKD code need the following information:

You are fast and your name.
Email address
Country of origin of the exhibitor
The title of the BLKD wallet was moved.
Send a valid photo ID to All documents will be disposed of within 14 days after approval.
For further security, send a photo containing the ID on the same link that you used to send your ID.
You can add telegraph addresses, profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and other personal profiles on social networks, special purchase channels, and default payment types.
Schedule blinks
Committed on July 8, 2018, flashing ads began private pre-sales pre-sales of 30 million BLKD starting May 30, 2018. This shows an initial BLKD pre-sale of 50 million.

The Blink Gallery, a travel event, will start selling 150,000,000 BLKD on September 4, 2018. After a while, Blink will make a public sale. Late 2018, BLKD symbol integration must be done, you can publish flickering, flashing FAD + sites. In April 2018, Blink Holiday’s energy marketing will be the beginning of decentralized advertising sales management.

BLKD exhibits symbolic sales
Members, please send your name, e-mail address, country of origin, total chip purchase (every purchase to refuse purchases below the daily average.) Give a purchase price of a minimum of 15,000 ipnidaeul chips.

Flow code
Flashing flashing or chips when leaving flashing COs can be moved, they come lights, and the lights go advertising in exchange codes at nominal symbolic user costs.

Then the following exchange committees and slopes to return to user tokens through ad-sponsored activities such as ADVERTISES, recommendations, management, and P2P parties can be transferred to users. User token codes for lights are transferred from the symbol converter to the user’s wallet. Tokens can be a gift to access the stock exchange portfolio or leave CO quickly after leaving the user’s wallet.

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