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BITCOIN ONE In the first part of 2018, a group of information technology developers, experienced bankers and qualified vendors met with the help of central developers for a particular project. This BitCoin ONE project is truly a revolutionary aid, with its clear mission and vision to make a difference in the lives of all people around the world. The fact that it is composed of a great team, a very clear solution to the problems, having seen the usefulness of the blockchain and token structure, with professional developers who are doing their job seriously based on the outcome of the development, presentation and activity, Also a solid partnership with other companies with future partnerships will be based on the roadmap and the help you are receiving from the community is something that will surely succeed. But why has so much effort been invested in this project? Recently they have faced so many challenges to cruelty, so it is not achieving the true purpose that Satoshi Nakamoto had when he first launched the Bitcoin White Paper on October 31, 2008 with his intention to free humans from institutions. financial institutions that act as third parties for the process. electronic payments Also the weaknesses of this type of transaction, since it is completely irreversible and these financial institutions can not avoid mediating disputes, so there is a real need for an electronic payment system based on cryptographic tests instead of trust, which leads to the birth of genuine pairs. – Electronic money box system with Bitcoin as a pioneer. But we still face a high transaction cost, but the speed of the transaction is slow and adds to it, the government of the whole world is making a great effort to regulate Bitcoin and other cryocurrents, also making their own state deliver cryofrequencies only because they want to have control. But letting governments or banks control our money and decide what value they deem appropriate will be unimaginable.

Second, there are so many poor people in Africa and Asia who can not pay with these financial institutions. A recent survey was conducted in Africa and Asia, respectively, and it was found that some 2.3 billion people do not have a bank account just because they are rich enough or are not accepted by banks. With Bitcoin ONE and its blockchain developed, there is a massive plan to help these billions of poor people get out of poverty through cruelty. The Guide

  1. APP launch that will improve your payment solution so that payment with BitCoin ONE is easy for anyone who has access to a mobile phone around the world in 2018.
  2. Launching of virtual wallets for the secure storage of individual BitCoin ONE in your own Portfolio in your device.
  3. Assignment of exchanges where an individual can sell or buy BitCoin ONE.
  4. Development of a new chain of blocks for transactions faster than those of the Ethereum network, which offers an almost instantaneous transfer of funds.
  5. Launch of a more secure and stable currency alternative to Tether in the fourth quarter of 2018
  6. Assign a percentage of tokens for charity to help people get out of poverty around the world.
  7. Assign a number of tokens for fraud prevention while the project is running without charge. Chip distribution 47.6% Instant 42.4% Developer’s team 10% Reward and marketing 9.52% Charity date: Snapshot sudah diambil pada July 9, 2018 Total supply: 21,000,000 B1P Circulation supply: 10,000. 000 B1P Exchange: https: // / BTCONE / 1D https: // https : //www.enclaves .io / trade / BTCONE BitCoin ONE Technical information Name: BitCoin One Symbol: BTCONE Decimals: 18 Type: ERC20 Total supply: 21,000,000 Circulation supply: 10,000,000

Road map

In this era of our life in which we live, blockchain is one of the most fascinating innovations and is just beginning, its potentials are so huge that anyone who thinks correctly will want to be part of it now. However, BitCoin ONE stands out for trying to make a difference because their team is not focusing on the current price of the card, but instead focuses on their passion and helping more than 3 billion people without bank accounts at all. the world. Knowing that as more people enter the system and the demand for tokens is high, it will automatically increase its value. With only 10 million tokens in circulation out of a total of 21 million, which means 47.6% for Tokensale 42.4% for Development / Operations / Reserves 10% for Marketing / Bounty. Because of this,

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