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Today I’ll be shedding light on the Swiss Alps project. In the Swiss Alps as you probably know already, a lot of abandoned structures has been wasting away and disintegrating because the existing spatial planning law disallows residential use of these buildings. On the otherhand, the global blockchain ecosystem has been struggling with some challenges as a result of the high energy-intensive crypto mining process and business applications based on blockchain. And these situations brings us to the original intent of this content, the Swiss Alps Mining.
Swiss Alps Energy (SAE) is a decentralized ledger-based energy supplier and an operator of flexible modular mining infrastructures that are intended for long term stationary use. So the SAE is a recue project for the disintegrating buildings in the Swiss alps, putting them to use without interfering with neither the structures nor the environment.
The Swiss Alps project is backed by a collection of innovative minds, with experts from the fields of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency mining, apps developers, specialists and civil engineers. A distributed blockchain infrastructure and mining facilities has been developed via a complex modular cube system, thanks to Swiss Alps Energy AG, which is operating the business of Swiss Alps Mining & Energy.
More interestingly, it is also worthy of note that Swiss Alps Mining & Energy is the very first company in the globe to employ an ORC system to recover electricity from the waste heat generated by mining systems, whereby the SAM cubes power consumption can be reduced by up to 50% compared to conventional mining systems,
The SAM Platform
This platform establishes a SAM wallet that is very compatible with existing token exchanges and allowa easy withdrawal and purchase of tokens. Users who have holds SAM tokens can very well use any other ERC20-compliant wallet, and they can connect with the platform through the web, desktop and mobile devices. They can also invest their SAM coins on the SAE platform to rent mining power and mine crypto currencies like BTC and ETH etc.
ICO Details
The SAM Token (Sam) is the ERC20 token. It can be used as a means of payment in SAE mining and service universe and will be tradable outside the SAM platform in all relevant exchanges.
Token supply: 239,682,53813 Sam tokens
14,583,333 Sam (6.0844%) will be sold in the forthcoming token pre-sale. SAE aims to raise $500000000 in this initial funding round. Subsequent token sales will be made at significantly higher prices. 65’178’571 Sam (68.9156%) will be reserved for the main token sale and for future token sales and activities (see below).
23,968,250 Sam (10%) will be reserved for the founding team and partners, of which 16,777,775 (70% of the 23,968,250) will not be tradeable for one year.
19,174,600 Sam (8%) will be reserved for early angel token owners and advisors, of which 11,504,760 (60% of the 19,174,600) will not be tradeable for 3 years.
4,793,650 Sam (2%) will be reserved for bounty campaigns.
11,984,125 Sam (5%) will be reserved for future contributors.
Token Allocation
Main sale: 68.9156%
Pre sale: 6.0844%
Team & Partners: 10%
Early Angle token & Advisors: 8%
Bounty: 5%
Future contributors: 2%
Funds Allocation
Mining/Hydropower facilities: 60%
Administration: 18%
Marketing/Promotion: 10%
Workshop: 5%
Development: 5%
Legal costs: 2%
Roadmap & Timeline
October 2017 — Start work
February 2018 — Renting first buildings
February 2018 — Founding of AG
February — March 2018 — First Cube Running
May 2018 — Press conference
June 2018 — ICO Start
March — October 2018 — Development of SAM Mining Pool & SAM Platform
Beginning of May 2018 — ICO Private sale
July 2018 — start production of further cubes
July 2018 — start development of KYC/AML solution
July-August 2018 — renting further buildings
September 2018 — Commissioning and Leasing of First Cloud-Mining Cubes
End of 2018 — purchase of First Power plant
End of 2018 — selling Cubes
Early 2019 — Power Production
January 2019 — First release of SAM KYC solution
Early 2019 — SAM edge nodes and blockchain solution
February 2019 — Blockchain PaaS Provider
March 2019 — App Ecosystem for Customer
March 2019 — Expanding purchase of power plants
April 2019 — Expanding sales of SAM Cubes & ORC System worldwide
July 2019 — Energy supplier on DLT.
Our Team
Gian-Carlo Collenberg — Founder & CEO
Ramon Simon — Founder & CFO
Mike Rava — Founder & CMO
Raja Yogarajah — Founder & CTO
Gnana Yogarajah — Founder & CTO
Christian Giger — Head of construction mining cubes
Pascale Uccella — Head of Human Resources
Santosh Kumar — Blockchain developer
Navjeet Kumar — Fullstack developer
Ankur Dharwal — Blockchain developer
Crisis Robert — Blockchain developer
Goutham Krishna — Blockchain developer
Ajay Parmar — Front-end developer
Divy Trivedi — Supporter
Karan Ahuja — Blockchain developer
Sanjay Jaiswa — Back-end developer
Arnav Chaudhary — fullstack developer with loT-focus
Hinal Suthar — Fullstack developer
Hitesh Trivedi — Fullstack developer
Shital Prajapati — Fullstack developer
Sonal Parekh — Designer
Himanshu Phogat — Back-end developer
Swiss Alps Energy AG strives to promote digital transformation and sustainability in the Swiss Alps.
Swiss Alps Energy AG provides the foundation for many future-oriented applications: financial asset custody and transfer, product tracking through blockchain and IoT in logistics and transportation, electronic records in healthcare, and identity management to simplify the KYC process for any conceivable industry are just a few examples of how distributed ledger technology can be used. I’m sure you’re convinced by now of the enormous potential of this project, so waste no time to join this bandwagon of revolution. To partake in the ICO and for other information, please do well to follow the required links below.
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