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Cybersecurity is one of the most burning issues in the digital world today. We are always connected, and any unsafe activity to break the network will allow bad actors to dominate. The newest field is cryptocurrency which has become the latest tool for developing transparent transactions between two participants. Providing security to participants is one of the main tasks of the network. Do you think we can develop a secure network that protects our data and connections?

The StealthCrypto Token is very important for the StealthCrypto Ecosystem function. StealthCrypto is a functional token that will be used on the platform to access various features, products and costs. In addition, because StealthCrypto’s services and products are more fluid and valuable over time, we anticipate that they can be used to balance individual portfolios. In other words, the liquidity generated by StealthCrypto can allow users to quickly and easily transfer allocations between various currencies.

Today, more and more organizations are turning to blockchain, blockchain is a chain of blocks where information is stored, cannot be deleted or changed, it will always remain in history, usually blockchain is open, anyone can see it. The Stealthcrypto project is also based on the blockchain base, fully decentralized.

How StealthCrypto works:

  • Cybersecurity  : StealthGrid provides simplicity, security, authentication, management and speed for your personal and managed cloud requests.
  • Cloud security:  it continuously protects your valuable data and applications, regardless of location.
  • IoT Security:  This platform allows IoT developers to share, encrypt, and compress all IoT data during work and at rest.
  • Communication:  stealth cloud allows you to receive encrypted messages from start to finish. Thanks to the end-to-end encryption system for e-mail, voice calls, messaging, telephone calls and cloud storage, the system will not be as simple as now.
  • Quantum cryptography:  Stealth Grid’s safe quantum security solutions such as Quantum Key Generation, Quantum Key Distribution (Quantum Cryptography) and Quantum-Safe Network Encryption provide unprecedented data protection with long-term value and sensitivity.

This project guarantees:
• Data is separated and encrypted and stored in blockchain parts, separate places are allocated for each country. 
• Ability to download data from various sources simultaneously, at high speed. 
• International users get better performance by accessing data from locations in various regions.

3 trends that we need this project :

  1. Moore’s Law. New technology has decreased in size, as they become stronger. Moore’s Law, named after Intel founder Gordon Moore, stated that processor density doubled every 18 months. This principle is still valid since 1975. For example, look at your iPhone, whose memory capacity increases every 18 months. If you extrapolate this law, you can conclude that nowadays an ordinary cell phone has 32 gigabytes of memory and costs around $ 200. In five years, this cellphone’s memory is around one terabyte and the cost is $ 50. After 10 years, the amount of memory will be 10 terabytes, and the price will be 10 dollars.
  2. 30 years circle. Every 30 years, new technology really destroys the market. For example, Pony Express invented the telegraph in 1845, exactly 30 years later, Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. Radio was created in 1905, television was created in the 1930s, cable television was created in the 1960s, and the Internet was created in the 1990s. Now is the time for a new 30-year circle. It doesn’t matter how ironic it sounds, but all these great discoveries are not taken seriously at first.
  3. Comfort and reliability of truth and freedom. The first two trends create a new generation of centralized institutions, starting with the telephone and ending with Microsoft. This trend is a new global era of decentralization. When new technologies emerge, their adoption is based on consumer compromise.

Information about tokens:
• Token name: 
Ethereum  platform • Maximum number: 400 million 
• Price of one token: $ 1

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In conclusion, I will highlight the main advantages of this project:

  1. Global project. Network security is one of the most important parameters in this field.
  2. New technology. This project offers its own Internet network, where all data will be encrypted, it is impossible to solve it.

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