Hello everyone, if you are interested in joining the Wulet project, it is a good idea to read about information that can help you get information that might help you in viewing their mission vision:


Wulet is a new platform that will give its users the opportunity to receive money back every day, but only by buying in the form of cryptocurrency. The platform was developed to enable the management and exchange of bonuses between various corporate loyalty programs. This will allow clients to always be in the hands of the points they give the most.

Every day, make in-store purchases or lunch at the restaurant, people receive other loyalty cards. When certain conditions are met, the client should receive a bonus for their use. Most people currently participate in at least 15-20 loyalty programs, though it is time-consuming to fulfill each requirement.

Our mission

To popularize the daily use of crypto currency, create a clogging platform that will allow customers to monetize all available bonus programs, and contractors to save resources and attract new customers.

Display Market

Wulet can be used in various fields involving their loyalty program in activities, from to restaurants. We decided to choose an industrial food service as a starting point for wulet, as we think this field has the highest growth potential. The service market is highly developed – it makes up 50% of the travel and tourism industry, or $ 806bn.

above is the percentage of travel and tourists in europa. and the food is number one

Sales Token

Presale is personal and associated with the initial investor. To support the project, please register at wulet.io. Funds drawn during presale will be counted in the total number of campaigns. It is impossible to withdraw until the end of all stages of the campaign.

  • May 07-11 bonus 30%
  • May 12-31 bonus 25%
  • 01/01 June bonus 20%
  • June 04-07 bonus 15%
  • June 8-12 bonus 10%
  • 13-17 June bonus 5%
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To learn more about Wulet, visit the link below:

Username: iyus gmb
Profile Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1746027
Eth: 0x9126c682b510aE0492F30a65f56459c63B4Dee95


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