Resolve Issues Faced By Some Companies And Startups Using Smart Process Bot Made By Obizcoin

Small and medium-sized companies can have a problem that must be the face of a variety of tasks from administration and meetings with the customer to run the business. It is necessary for a system that can help a business or startup to handle some of the process of performance so easier.One solution that can help is to use a bot.

A bot is a tool made by people and / or companies for the automation of the process, so it can work on a task by considering the aspects of technical, social, political, or economic.Most bots are created to make a process automatically. For example, We make a bot to run back the process die on a server, not to find out why such a process can die. Or a bot to calculate the quantity of interaction in in some online communities.Hope the bot is created using the blockchain has seen popularity in recent years, mainly because the technology of the blockchain is stable and spacious. The concept of the process robot automation has been thought in recent years. Bot smart aims to help people to do their jobs better in order to develop and improve business processes. The Bot will become increasingly smart with the help of Artificial Intelligence(AI) that uses a particular programming language.

ObizCoin is the bot platform was built to help people work too hard to do things better, using the technology of the blockchain of Ethereum, and also the Artificial Intelligence(AI) to help you in making the right business decisions. With the Technology of the AI and the Blockchain can bring the right solution to a recurring problem like that. In the middle of next year, things will change, and a new opportunity will be created where You will be assisted in designing business processes.

Benefits of Obizcoin :

1. Smart Process BOT obizcoin can help all the work of a developer to be more efficient and effective.So Bot System Obizcoin that have been formed with so sophisticated will give you manage a better, and more efficient for startups and also SMEs.

2. With the Obizcoin will be able to find the weak point of a business is run can result in errors.

3. Obizcoin gives some calculation that makes more sense to reduce spending that is less precise.

ObizCoin Token(OBZ)

As well as the projects of other ICO, the company will issue its own currency which was given the name ObizCoin(OBZ). OBZ is created on the Ethereum blockchain with type ERC-20. OBZ is a Token that has many uses ranging from purchasing services that are provided in the platform to generate products and services from vendor partners. OBZ will allow access to the Obizcoin Platform . Some of the services such as the Analysis of the Score and the Operational Risk will be disbursed exclusively through the token OBZ. The token is used to grant awards to employees, developers, as well as co-workers.

Token Sale

Name : ObizCoin (OBZ)

Price : 1 ETH = 10,000 Obz with bonus

The Total Number Of Tokens : 300,000,000

Pre-ICO :Start Date December 14,2017 until January 24, 2018

ICO : Start Date January 29, 2018 until the Date — March 14, 2018;u=1025265


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