Swiss Alps Mining & Energy connects these two worlds by offering environmentally friendly mining facilities in unused buildings in the Swiss alps, powered by renewable energy only


Although mining has been in existence for about 10years, the problem of excessive energy consumption in the production of cryptocurrencies is still there today. And questions about it’s energy efficiency has been raised by members of the public and even though several solutions have been forthput, the problem still remains.

The electricity consumed worldwide in the field of digital technologies in the production of cryptocurrencies takes about 7% according to statistics. Even though the figure does not look too high, when considered in the light that mining carries only an individual benefit, it will be understood that the figure is massive.
That’s why The Swiss Alps Energy project was created in order to improve the efficiency of mining on the impact of the economy and not only from the view of the miners.

About Swiss Alps Mining
This is a mining company with ecologically friendly mining in unused buildings in the Swiss Alps that connects with the world of blockchain. Switzerland is the country that promotes Green Energy. The country has always been protected by the local government due to it’s environmental advantages. Due to the beauty and healing nature of the country, medicine, Ski resorts, sanatoria, are developing rapidly. The different number of hydroelectric power station was more than 7,000 at the beginning of the XX century. Mining is taking an important part in the development of Cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Problems Facing the Mining and Cryptocurrency Industry
There is high consumption of excessive energy in the process of mining for cryptocurrency. Also, there is a need to remove a large amount of heat. There is also the problem of complexity involved in the maintenance and storage of mining equipment in the domestic environment.

In order to solve these problems, the Swiss Alps Energy was created;

Swiss Alps Energy

The Swiss Alps Energy offers different solutions to mining which will help to reduce energy consumption and increase the returns of the mining business. The aim of the project is to use abandoned houses that are available in the Alps keep the mining equipment. The climate of the Alps is very good for miming and also the accommodation of equipments there will help to reduce the cost of electricity by half. The solutions will be based on:

SAM Cubes
The SAM Cubes which are modular mining cubes that requires just a little attention to be piaid to the mining process and also provides a good level of automatization. To enjoy a certain amount of convenience in monitoring and maintenaning of hardware, all the cubes communicate with a Central platform which will assign high parameters in the maximization of mining.

The 21st century is one of the great things that has never happen to mankind because one of the great platform that was discovery with mystically enchanted the people of this present generation with some astounding features which have made our quotidian life activity very more facile and simple for us. with the help Swiss Alps Mining & Energy The blockchain community ecumenical faces vigorous headwinds due to the very energy-intensive mining process of cryptocurrencies and blockchain-predicated business applications. At the same time, in the Swiss alps, thousands of unutilized structures are disintegrating due to the fact that today’s spatial orchestrating law does not sanction for residential utilization of these buildings.
Swiss Alps Mining & Energy connects these two worlds by offering environmentally amicable mining facilities in unutilized buildings in the Swiss alps, powered by renewable energy only.

Swiss Alps Energy AG is the primary organization with Revolutionary answers for set aside to half of its energy costs utilizing rock stones that are solely bolstered by sustainable power source and the reclamation of OPC from spent warmth from mining gear. This is an answer for the worldwide issues confronting the business. The breaking point of water is much lower at higher elevations, where the solid shape is situated, making the energy recuperation substantially more proficient. This makes mining considerably more productive, ensuring the Swiss social legacy and sparing energy. The 21st century is one of the colossal things that has never happen to humankind since one of the considerable platform that was disclosure with supernaturally captivate the general population of this present age with some bewildering highlights which have made our quotidian life action more effortless and basic for us. with the assistance Swiss Alps Mining and Energy The blockchain network ecumenical countenances incredible headwinds because of the specific energy-concentrated mining procedure of cryptographic forms of money and blockchain-predicated business applications. At the same time, in the Swiss alps, a huge number of un-used structures are breaking down because of the way that the present spatial organizing law does not authorize for private usage of these structures.

Swiss Alps Mining and Energy associates these two universes by offering environmentally neighborly mining offices in unutilized structures in the Swiss alps, controlled by sustainable power source as it were.


Swiss Alps Mining and Energy attempts to enable environmentally welcoming mining of crypto money related guidelines in the Swiss alps. Swiss Alps Energy AG (SAE) is Swiss Alps Mining and Energy’s working business. SAE is a Swiss early business in the zone of crypto mining and essentialness , arranged in Huenenberg, Canton of Zug. SAE expects to begin working crypto mining farms in the Swiss alps in 2018 – a leading endeavor. These residences are orchestrated in structures never again used by neighborhood agriculturists. SAE will meanwhile work little hydropower plants to disperse the power required for crypto mining.

SAE origination

Out of its stand-out position as a refined Switzerland provider of blockchain advancement and hyperledger-predicated business applications, Swiss Alps Mining and Energy tries to:

• advance blockchain development and its uses to a more broad open

• give clients/untouchables the decentralized substratum to build up their own specific blockchain-predicated exercises

• address biological issues related with crypto mining far and wide

• support the adjacent economy in Switzerland snow topped zones and arouse the propelled change in these zones

• be a puissance supplier using the passed on record development

SAM Platform

The SAM Platform will give a Sam wallet that is plenarily great with subsisting token exchanges and that considers straightforward withdrawal and purchase of tokens. Holders of Sam tokens can similarly use any wallet that sponsorships Ethereum ERC20 contracts. The wallet moreover offers the purchase of Sam coins with computerized monetary forms, for instance, BTC and ETH. Customers can speak with the phase by betokens of web, work zone and phones. They can contribute their Sam coins on the SAE platform to rent mining power and mine cryptocurrency types of mazuma, for instance, BTC, ETH, DASH, et cetera.

The SAM token (Sam) is an ERC20 token which can be utilized as a methods for installment inside the SAE mining and administration macrocosm and will be tradable outside the SAM stage on every single applicable trade.
SAE endeavors to integrate to the computerized time and to strenghten the establishment of the eminent blockchain innovation. The organization likewise plans to propel the computerized change and convey it to shoppers and organizations kindred. SAE engenders and advances potential outcomes and arrangements in light of conveyed record innovation and endeavors to transform computerized monetary standards into a mundane component.

Organic Rankine Cycle
This is a system which will use the excessive heat generated from mining to produce electricity. The energy can be distributed to consumers or directed to the equipment again.

SamaiX system
This system used Artificial intelligence and is automatically designed select cryptocurrencies that will be most profitable. The system will offer a coin to users which they will choose from and then analyze and refer them to the data in the future.

The Swiss Alps Tokens

SAM tokens is in line with the ERC-20 standard and it will be used inside the Swiss platform. The tokens can be used to purchase and rent the Swiss Alps Energy mining cubes. The total token is 239,682,538 which will be distributed in the following order:

Main token sale 62.83%
Token pre-sale 12.17%
Founding team and partners 10%
Early angle token advisors 8%
Bounty campaigns 2%
Future contributors 5%
Swiss Alps Energy presents an eco-friendly concept of smart mining which will do good to the Cryptocurrency and mining industry in a good way. Investors will be able to have higher returns on their investments.

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