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Hello friends, How are today? This is Robin and I am coming again to tell you about the ICO Review of  HubrisOne. Now a dasys traders, crypto-investors and subscribers of my blogs. Today I will be giving you another excellent review on HubrisOne  crypto-currency exchange which will be the best crypto-currency exchange of our time. Today I will like all traders and crypto-investors who are tired of facing lots of irregularities on other crypto-currency exchange to sit tight and follow me through my review and write-up because the solutions to all your worries has come. I could remember how people lost huge amount of funds and tokens in a crypto-currency past few years as a result of irregularities and difficulties facing the exchanges. But today HubrisOne crypto-currency is ready to put a smile to the faces of crypto-currency traders and investors through the launching of its unique personal and business cryptocurrency friendly bank accounts platform.





HubrisOne appears as a wallet of crypto money. This wallet is a traditional fiat bank account that is merged into a powerful, smart, edited and compatible digital Apple and Android apps. The project is focused on seamlessly combining the benefits of these two powerful industries.

HubrisOne is designed to be easy to use, safe and smart. In addition, this project is more than a digital crypto-money-friendly friendly bank account.

HubrisOne, this mobile application that will completely revolutionize the dynamics between the crypto currency and the banking sector. Currently, there is almost no trust between traditional banking users and crypto-currency users. We plan to connect the traditional banking sector with crypto currency and provide these services to the masses through an open, honest and completely reliable infrastructure that is easy to use and easy to understand, both for new participants in the crypto currency market and for veterans. The HubrisOne command, represents a functional token known as the Hubris token (HBRS) that will be used in the HubrisOne application, and the infrastructure, while retaining the cost, so as to transfer funds, gain access to the platform, discounts and use as a payment method in conjunction with HubrisOne debit cards.



Hubrisone has a clear cut mission and aim in the coin market. They actually want to do increasing cryptocurrency adoption, Innovation catalyst for banks, Banking the unbanked​, No payments spent on weekends, Unnecessary overdraft fee and missed payments  long waiting time for a new card or pin code. The most and attractive thing is to develop its app.

HubrisOne APP

The HubrisOne app will increase the adoption rate through integrated digital banking Hubris, cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency offers a familiar banking solution with integration. The HubrisOne application is very easy to use and simple. In this app you can easily manage your crypto coins, assign them to each other, or quickly switch to the normal fiat range.


Token Details


Token Name: —————————— Hubris / HBRS

Token Blockchain: ————————ERC20

Fixed Supply: ——————————1,000,000,000 (1 Billion)

Token Sale Allocation: ——————65% (650M Hubris)

Soft Cap: ————————————-$900,000 ($900K)

Hard Cap: ———————————–$10,000,000 ($10M)



Road Map


HUBRISONE has a long way but simple and secure and flexible road map to run it ICO (Initial Coin Offering). Its start its journey with Market Research and it will end with the Android and Apple App release. Here is the whole Road map:


Team Mates

It is well said that HUBRISONE team is strong and well balanced. Because of the whole team Members, Advisors and Technical Team researched to make a great format of cryptocurrency world. So it obviously said that HUBRISONE is operating its activities with a couple of Scholars. They are well judge of Blockchain Technology and current market research. Here I attached a short bio of them all:







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