Hello friends, welcome everyone to my blog! Today I will talk about a very usual and interesting ICO project. We will discuss how ENGINEER.AI   is introducing blockchain technology and smart contracts and will also discuss the details of ICO in details.


White Paper

Let’s Discussion about Deta Blockchain

What is the Engineer .ai? is a longtime foundation with an existing network of concerning twenty six,000 engineers, 3,200 accounts, earning $ sixty million in revenue over the past 3 years, with one hundred fifty percent of annual growth. the present platform, brand, and client base can deploy blockchain technology, computer science, and token ecosystems that square measure outlined during this project to scale the business.
Engineer.aI could be a blockchain and AI-powered system that helps anyone produce custom software, faster, cheaper, and with a better success rate than the present consultation model.
Project building, management, and distributed payments square measure all managed by their system launch forms a decentralized platform mistreatment a synthetic mind, wherever virtually anyone will simply and unconsciously develop computer code for his or her entrepreneurial activities during a number of steps while not the skill of programming and data of codes.

THE DELIVERY PLATFORM provides a turnkey platform that takes people with an idea and no know-how and lets them build and operate any bespoke digital project. Once built, it gives everyone a single platform for receiving updates (“BuilderCare”) and a marketplace for all the cloud services and microservices needed to run the idea. This model can be compared to how you buy an iPhone, buy AppleCare, and then buy apps from the App Store. The platform suite allows our customers to benefit from price, speed and operational efficiency without needing to be technically savvy. Software delivery is split between the three components of the platform: THE NAYA DISTRIBUTED TRUST PLATFORM In dismantling the current ‘’black box’’ model, it is critical to create a distributed trust platform that aligns customers, developers, and quality control without having to focus on payment, delivery, or negotiation. The NAYA distributed trust platform allows everyone to focus on producing quality work, accurately verifying elements, and delivering projects on time within budget. It is effectively a delegated proof of stake system that utilizes escrow Smart Contracts, and that has everyone “stake” in while utilizing a score-based reputation system to allow for independent dispute resolution through quality control. Clients deposit a weekly amount of tokens that are managed by Smart Contract. Each deliverable and milestone is verified by multiple, independent sources that also stake NAYA tokens on their work. Successful elements and achieved goals will automatically release funds to contributors and the blockchain ledger of transactions will remove disputes of payment, delivery, and asset ownership. Builder leverages Human-Assisted Artificial Intelligence that runs the assembly line platform for building bespoke software and uses a distributed trust network to manage identification, delivery assurance, IPR, security, dispute resolution, and stakeholder payments. BuilderCare operates a warranty service that allows customers to get updates to their bespoke software as third-party libraries (Facebook API’s for example) decay over time and support to ensure their projects keep running after delivery. CloudOps (Platform/Marketplace) leverages Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to optimize the management and expenses of cloud infrastructure in the most cost-efficient manner. Enables customers to get a discounted single bill for all 3rd party services required.


Engineer.aI is a blockchain and AI-powered ecosystem that helps anyone create bespoke software, faster, more cost-effective, and with a higher success rate than the current consultation model. With Human-Assisted AI, Engineer.aI focuses on everything related to delivery, from specification to pricing, assembly, project management and final product delivery. NAYA Trust Platform then creates a multi-stakeholder solution for identification, delivery assurance, IPR, security, dispute resolution and stakeholder payments, removing the need for blind trust in the process.

Our mission’s development team has been established and experienced with 26,000 engineers, 3,200 clients, platform revenues of $ 23 million and existing networks with an annual growth rate of 150%. Pivoting to block chains and AI driven models will make the process industrialize, expand globally and achieve key goals.


The number of small businesses creating bespoke software is higher than ever. But outsourcing software development has only a 9% success rate, with three main risks:

Time and cost

Most customers are unable to describe the specifics of their product. This leads to weeks and months outlining what is expected and raising costs without transparency

Delivery doubts

Developers are forced to work on weak or vague specs, reducing their ability to deliver a project, leading to renegotiation risks and high failure rates

Payment conflicts

Vague project specifications lead to payment disputes. Vendors worry that they will not receive accurate payments and clients fear escalating costs to meet their original plans.


Engineer.aI is a blockchain and AI-powered ecosystem that helps anyone create bespoke software, faster, more cost-effective, and with a higher success rate than the current consultation model.

Faster & leaner

Creators won’t require any technical knowledge to realize their projects. AI will match their idea with suitable components and development teams.

Streamlined & guaranteed

Duplicate work is eliminated as existing components are used, rather than re-built. Costs are reduced and timelines shortened, allowing more focus on bespoke elements.

Managed & trusted

Every stage is managed by smart contract removing payment risks and ensuring on time, on budget delivery.


Project building, management, and distributed payments are all managed by our ecosystem

  1. Clients use the drag and drop interface to create their idea. They pay a weekly deposit of NAYA tokens to commence work.
  2. AI selects components from existing building blocks to build the project.
  3. Scored & verified delivery stakeholders are assigned builder cards with atomic level details.
  4. Multiple, independent staked partners verify the deliverables.
  5. Successful projects will automatically release escrowed funds via blockchain smart contract.
  6. Hosting and maintenance are managed by AI & Cloud ops cost are automatically arbitraged.

The NAYA Token

The NAYA Trust Platform reduces risk through a multi-stakeholder delivery model wherever performance is aligned and secured by utilizing a delegated proof of stake model. NAYA is a ERC-20 token used on the distributed payment network for shoppers and contributors.

  • Everyone must be staked in on time, quality and specification.
  • Every part of the delivery process needs multi-stakeholder approval.
  • Everyone is comfortable getting paid.
  • All delivery stakeholders should have a verified history

Token Details

  • Token price: 1 NAYA = 0.1 USD
  • Goal of funding: 20.000.000 USD
  • Tokens for sale: 200.000.000 NAYA
  • Currencies: ETH, BTC
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Location: Cayman Islands
  • Restricted areas: China, United States of America

The Token Sale is associate degree already established platform for building bespoke package. The funds raised from the Token sale can modify additional development of the platform and therefore the realization of major client and project milestones.’s development team is already established and skilled with a well-tried diary of delivery.

Road Map:

1. Q2 2018

Token Sale Website Development
Token Sales related Smart Contracts Development
Alpha MVP Release
Create Avatar
Refer Friends & Earn Tokens
Enroll for Verification Work
Do Verification Work & Mine EVER tokens
Telegram Chat Interface for an owner to communicate with Avatar

2. Q3 2018

Ability to securely exchange private messages with other Avatars
Ability to auto upgrade Skills on an ongoing basis
Ability to Re-Spawn an Avatar and recover past Message History
Proof of Uptime Work
Ability to Sell and Buy Skills in Marketplace using EVER tokens

3. Q4 2018

Beta Avatar Node Release
Network Stress/Benchmark Testing
Ability to Poll the Network
Reputation/Trust Assessment

4. Q1 2019

ReUsable Smart Contract Templates for Avatars
Ability to share rich media like pictures, video
New trainable AI Conversational Model
MicroService/Container Orchestration
Multi-Device Support

5. Q2 2019

Alexa Voice Interface to Avatar
Swarm Intelligence
Ethereum Atomic Swap
Web Client

Team Members


Conclusion is a truly revolutionary platform. To date, the project network includes tens of thousands of engineers and thousands of customers. Over the past couple of years, has brought $ 60 million, showing an increase of 150%. is a bridge of trust between the customer and the customer. The potential audience of the platform is people who are not very well versed in technologies, so there is a misunderstanding on the part of both customers and performers. I think that can become a very important link in the path of human progress, imagine how many truly innovative projects are dying due to misunderstanding.

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