RIPAEX:DPOS blockchain with its own XPX token that will serve to share liquidity between all Ripa Trades in the Ripa organize.

At whatever point a startup firm that in view of Cryptocurrency needs to fund-raise, they do it through an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The firm for the most part distributes their whitepaper that completely expresses each part of their undertaking or wander, similar to what will the venture satisfy after it is finished, how much capital is required to finish the errand/wander, the offer of virtual tokens that the proprietor of the activities will get the opportunity to keep, and the length of the assignment.

RipaEx is a Crypto Resource Commercial center that will have a few digital currencies exchanges, the fundamental focal point of the task is to give assets and innovations to permit the opening of new exchanges at a more moderate cost, through an Open Source Exchange platform absolutely free, productive, dependable and will likewise have imparted order book to every single other exchange of the system making even the new exchanges have liquidity since its first day of activity.

RipaEx is an project expand on two columns:

• Ripa Exchange: an open source exchange in light of the source code of Peatio (

• Ripa Blockchain: a DPOS blockchain with its own XPX token that will serve to share liquidity between all Ripa Trades in the Ripa organize.

The RipaEx natural structure is predicated over ARK progression, yet it’s enheartened in a colorfully perceivable blockchain, what I betoken is that RipaEx is a whole space being solidified with the blockchain RIPA which is an ARK fork.

Essential Highlights of RIPAEX

Ripa Exchange will dependably be free for Exchange directors: you will just need to pay for the server, arrange security activities, call focus administrators and different assets expected to begin trading and giving paid help to your clients.

You can make all the important settings in the source code, since the whole source database is discharged under the MIT permit. This is a great chance to dispatch your neighbourhood exchanger – thusly of winning today is the best and prevalent.

Security is vastly improved than in existing brought together banks

The AES256 encryption keys and the whole swap venture are worked with an attention on security. Ruby on Rails is known to be a protected advancement condition for engineers, yet we chose to re-balance the first Peatio database to totally isolate the customer registry from the exchanging instrument, so no end client information will be endangered if an assailant can successfully conquer the principal level of security . There are global models for AML/KYC to guarantee consistence with any exchangers in your nation that you need to coordinate your task.

Ripa Exchange works in creating delightful interfaces for content, while adjusting your application so it is reliable as the survey territory increments.

The decentralized RIPAEX platform will open up new open doors for individuals who are accustomed to working with digital currency. Presently the exchange methods will be to a great degree straightforward and open. RIPAEX engineers are presently gathering the assets vital for the further advancement of their undertaking. Financial specialists are intrigued – on the grounds that the open code that enables you to make your own particular exchange applications, is a genuine advancement. Indeed, even now, the engineers guarantee their clients that they will dependably approach their wallet – in the advancement of the standard adaptations for programs, as well as portable applications. In this way, every customer of the decentralized RIPAEX platform will have the capacity to work with its benefits rapidly.

Transparent & Configurable

Peatio is a genuine open source innovation influencing it to anchor, straightforward, adaptable and very configurable.


Peatio bolsters a wide exhibit of regular dialects, while enhancing ease of use for clients everywhere throughout the world.

Proof of Solvency

Peatio Proof of Solvency (PoS) enables clients to check the dissolvability of the Peatio based digital money trade without bargaining client protection

Enterprise Exchange

Peatio endeavor trade highlights incorporate an elite coordinating motor, adaptable circulated specialist strings, and SMS 2-factor validation.

Current exchange phase is:

Phase: PreSale

Phase Ending: Sunday 09/30/2018

Exchange Rate: ₱/€0.10

Accepted Coins: BTC, ETH, ARK, LISK (contact us for more…)

Bonus: 100%

Soft Cap: 25 BTC

In summary, the RipaEx project is in good shape by embracing Shrewd Scaffold, CES and RLSP advances that together will have the capacity to give a liquidity stream that will be sure for both the trades of the system and the whole Crytocurrency Market.

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