It is with great pleasure i sincerely wish to inform you about a project with the unique features to improve our ecosystem. Basically, as always, I would like to highlight out that my articles are never and in no way any financial advice and will be a guide to adequately inform the masses about a unique project.Nevertheless they represent solely my opinion on a project nothing more, and I have studied them extensively for my purpose. As with any decision in life, everyone has to self-responsible to get their own opinion based on research.

It is common knowledge that the blockchain technology is revolutionary.

This has led to the urgent need for a platform that can assist humanity and develop the ecosystem to a favourable stage.

Blockchain innovation has been the best innovation so far in which it is the reason for all the digital currency. The reception of this innovation internationally and most particularly in a few segments have recorded some new development and advancement as of late. Long back before the selection of this extraordinary innovation, things were done physically which this has influenced the manner in which things are been finished. In any case, the coming of Blockchain innovation has open the eyes of the world to its significance and advantages which this has make it to be the best innovation of the time.

Before the approach of blockchain innovation there has been a few issues influencing unified stage, for example, instability, adaptability, moderate exchange absence of trust and straightforwardness. These issues have gotten their courses into the online information stage in which this has influenced the stages from multiple points of view. Concentrated information stage have recorded a few hacks and assaults in which individuals information and individual data were lost all the while. As far back as the issue of lost information, part have been agonizing over the security and wellbeing of their information and data in the concentrated stage in which these has constrained lion’s share of the clients and individuals to pull back and erase their information from the online brought together stage. This is a piece of the reasons why #IOVO has created and presented a decentralized blockchain information/data platform which will help user’s security their information and individual data.

Before the methodology of blockchain advancement there has been a couple of issues affecting bound together stage, for instance, unsteadiness, flexibility, moderate trade nonappearance of trust and straightforwardness. These issues have gotten their courses into the online data organize in which this has impacted the phases from numerous perspectives. Concentrated data arrange have recorded a couple of hacks and attacks in which people data and individual information were lost at the same time. As far back as the issue of lost data, part have been obsessing about the security and prosperity of their data and information in the amassed stage in which these has compelled a lot of the customers and people to pull back and delete their data from the online united stage. This is a bit of the reasons why IOVO has made and introduced a decentralized blockchain data/information stage which will help client’s security their data and individual information. It is outstanding that client’s DATA and information have been a champion among the most beneficial thing not to joke with in this century. In facts, it worth indistinct expense from gold which this makes it more productive and should be kept in a safe and tied down stage. For a couple of individuals, at whatever point they hear anything about DATA their and thought is constantly without anyone else data or a couple of dialects. The substance of people DATA are more huge in which occasionally simply the stage advantage for sharing customer’s data and the certified proprietor of the DATA were not balanced for sharing their data. This is one of the issues facing the customers in the consolidated stage. The stage require straightforwardness and trust in which people have been struggling with this issue. All by virtue of IOVO for its decentralized data organize which has ensured to remunerate customers and people for keeping their DATA with them not in the least like substitute stages that couldn’t think less about the people by any stretch of the creative energy. With IOVO decentralized stage people can without a doubt share and get their reward for sharing without the relationship of any third organizations. This can be made possible on IOVO organize through the use and allocation of blockchain development on the stage.

IOVO stage has grasped the use of DAG approach to manage help with the security of DATA and completing the adaptability issue going up against the other DATA organize out there. It has been planned to be kept up in a totally appropriated way which can’t agitated the framework seeing that typical of the center points is working magnificently

Decentralization has help people a lot in this century in light of the way that with decentralized stage people have more access and specialist over their data, resources and individual information in this is one of the features that will make IOVO to be the best and unprecedented among other of its kind. Some Online stages like facebook, google, are a segment of the phase that have benefitted from online data sharing. Immense quantities of the stage collected the customer’s data and pitch to an end customers associations which this has earned them goliath proportion of money and advantages. People and customers of the online data arrange need to benefit and make profits by the snippets of data been shared rather offering it to under-served stage and people in vain.

#IOVO (INTERNET OF VALUE OMNILEDGER) is the main decentralized stage which intends to give full access and control of information possession to and its adaptation to the genuine individuals producing the information. IOVO plans to advance and improve human life and incentive using blockchain innovation on its information stage.

#IOVO has put in measures to make information sharing simpler through then selection and presentation of DAPPs which has been an incredible and welcome advancement by individuals from the platform.

#IOVO has received the utilization of its own token in the stage to improve the development and advancement of the stage. The token will be utilized as remuneration for clients and individuals from the stage. It will likewise be utilized as installment technique in the stage. IOVO token has been intended to make installment for pursuit on the platform.

Token Economy

Token Ticker: IOVO

Token Platform: Ethereum (ERC-20) compactible

Token Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 IOVO

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