EVOAI -The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence 

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Arbitrage trading is a trading system in which, due to differences in prices in two different markets, simultaneous trading can be carried out which locks guaranteed profits. Automatic trading bots will only make trades that have instant profits after costs, therefore trading will never make a loss.

Throughout history there have been many paradigm shifts in technology that have revolutionized our lives, such as when personal computers enter our homes or when mobile phones become smart. When each of these events occurs, a new generation of software and automation empowers users to do things that are literally impossible before. EVOAI is the next generation trading engine that will empower users of all levels of experience to earn revenue from the blockchain. This platform will do this by offering users the opportunity to invest in many trading systems, ranging from automatic passive income arbitration to AI-powered signals and advanced manual trading bots. As a team,

Basically,  EVE  represents a cognitive analysis of large data combined with sophisticated artificial intelligence to find financial opportunities. He is an AI cryptocurrency that is connected with external APIs, our internal ownership algorithms and blockchain to make informed trading decisions.
Copy the token address in your MEW or MetaMask so that you can recognize your EVOT token when it is released.
Token contract: 0x5dE805154A24Cb824Ea70F9025527f35FaCD73a1 Symbol: EVOT, Decimal: 18
To start a trading bot you are asked to invest any amount above $ 250. The dashboard allows users to connect through their MetaMask wallet and take various actions. First, users can interact with bots using genuine EVOT tokens to participate in funding sources or to get access to sophisticated manual trading bots. EVOT tokens are available for purchase or sale on the internal EVOAI exchange, and will be available on selected external exchanges immediately after launch.
After we successfully complete the sale of our tokens, we will aim to be listed on several major exchanges. The EVOAI team has contacted several representatives of this exchange, but for legal reasons we cannot disclose their names or the exact date for the planned list. Join our telegram group for the latest updates and announcements.
You need a computer or laptop that runs the desktop version of Firefox / Chrome or MEW (Myetherwallet). Metamask digital wallets are used specifically with web applications. You also need to buy Ethereum (ETH) crypto coins used on the blockchain Ethereum. Send your ETH from the Myetherwallet wallet or Metamask to the EVOAI Token Sale deposit address. The EVOAI smart contract will automatically send your EVOT token when you send your ETH to the address of a crowd sales contract.



Our team

Nick Tacminzis


Rostyslav Bortman

Senior Blockchain Software Developers

Bharat Chhabra

Senior Javascript Engineer

Om Prakash Verma

Blockchain dan dev front-end

Otmane Daugmouchi

Senior Front-end dan UI / UX dev

Mehroz Anwer

Creative and Graphic Head

Richard night

Legal advisor

Taiki Shino

Blockchain Consultant

Bianca Ruiz

Graphic designer

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