Muzika truth be told, this task is the answer for all issues. This Platform has a critical and principle factor, it is the nonappearance of commissions. This implies any client or craftsman will have the capacity to collaborate with the venture and elevate their substance to the general diagram. The undertaking itself is free for all clients, that is, go, tune in and appreciate. This is additionally one of the primary elements of the undertaking.


I might want to say in regards to the innovation utilized in this undertaking. This is one of the blockchain advancements . With this innovation, receptiveness, straightforwardness and, in particular, the security of clients and all venture members are accomplished. This is a vital factor that I might want to discuss. Additionally, the undertaking will apply savvy contracts, on account of which straightforwardness will be brought into all exchanges made under the task, will be as sheltered as could be expected under the circumstances, and furthermore so straightforward

Muzika intends to give artists the best of the two universes: a higher commission rate for their inventive substance and a solid userbase. Muzika has built up a solid framework for boosting fans to add to the Muzika biological community. These motivating forces will manufacture the userbase fundamental for Muzika to give both higher commissions to craftsmen alongside the mass userbase of customary music gushing locales. The system impact from a mass userbase will be simply the way to building up a self-sufficient, maintaining biological system. At the end of the day, Muzika can give performers 90% of $1,000.

Muzika has effectively made huge accomplishments towards the advancement of feasible answer for wasteful aspects in the computerized music industry. In 2015, fellow benefactors of Muzika saw an open door in the online instrumental music industry and began online instrumental music stage Mapiacompany. In a little more than 3 years, Mapiacompany has turned into the #1 worldwide instrumental music stage with more than 2 million clients. Muzika will expand upon this current userbase and network.

Muzika Features

  • Smart contract will enable computerized melodic items to be exchanged straightforwardly from craftsmen to fans, guaranteeing more pleasant and more straightforward financial conveyance.
  • Fans will be remunerated with dedication focuses for their different network exercises, which will be routinely changed over into MZK coins – the sole medium of trade for every single monetary movement in the biological community.
  • Fans will have chances to make guide sponsorship to their most loved specialists, supporting them and getting selective advantages consequently.

How it functions

Muzika’s advanced music biological community will work as a channel for dispersing and distributing music content while giving reasonable pay to specialists. Fans will likewise get the chance to share in all phases of a tune’s lifecycle, extending from sponsorship and generation to utilization.

Token Info :

Muzika is supported by an officially settled stage considered Mapiacompany that has around 2 million dynamic clients covering more than 150 countries as far as endorsers and specialists from in excess of 30 countries. Presently, with the end goal to make a dedicated and boosted network, the organization is going the blockchain course.

Drawing motivation from well known Steemit venture’s locale, the Muzika Coin (MZK) has been made. The sole medium of trade inside the Muzika biological system, it will perform four capacities viz. network building, methods for exchange for business things and administration, sponsorships openings, and network programs.

With the end goal to acquire MZK, there are three alternatives in particular, partaking in the ICO, digital money trades, and faithfulness focuses.

Out of the aggregate 1 billion MZK tokens, 20.5 percent i.e. 205,000,000 tokens will be available to be purchased. The significant piece of the tokens i.e. 40 percent is assigned for the reward biological system. Association and group both get 10 percent every one of the MZK tokens. Around 14.5 percent will go to save while remaining 5 percent is for counselors.



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