The job market is fast evolving as what worked yesterday might not be relevant today and is likely to be obsolete tomorrow, chiefly due to advances being made in the technological arena every day. As a result of such advances job roles are fast changing as new coding technologies, marketing techniques etc keep on being introduced now and then.

What this means is that traditional education is now lagging behind in most cases and in some instances rendered redundant due to cheaper ways of acquiring knowledge that have come into existence such as Webinars, YouTube, Facebook live videos, Wikipedia etc.

Due to the problems alluded to above there is need for a rapid and robust skills delivering platform that taps into the growing market of skills sharing and acquisition. Market research into education technology predicts that the market will be worth 94 billion US by 2020.

Skyllz aims to standardise and unifies the validation of every skill whether it is professional skill or not you acquire, apply or improve on the Ethereum Blockchain. The team behind Skyllz has been actively involved Workkola, an already proven talent branding solution replacing CVs with a human-centred system of metrics, validations and endorsements based on hard and soft skills. This time around the team with Skyllz is planning to enable users to participate, transact, and automatically track their self-development freely across the applications on top of the protocol (the Skills Touchpoints Applications, STapps)

Utilising the opportunities presented by Blockchain technology Skyllz is introducing what they have termed the Skyllz reputation also referred to as Proof-of-Skill, which acts as the backbone of the Skyllz Distributed Platform and the Skyllz ecosystem. Proof-of skill is non-tradeable and traceable and it handles the attribution of reputation to specific skills and skill sets that a user possesses directly on the Ethereum Blockchain.

To access and transact on the Skyllz Distributed Platform users will need the Skyllz Token (SKT), an ERC-20 compliant utility token. The token will serve as a medium of exchange that enable users to participate and get validations of their skills on or across any application of the ecosystem.

According to the roadmap released by the team behind Skyllz the SKT private pre-sale is scheduled for February — March and the public main sale is going to happen between July and August with other various token offerings happening in between these time frames. Visit their website here for more information on the SKT token sale and the project.

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