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Anyone who takes a walk down a commercial street will get a glimpse of thousand images filling its eyes. From logos to photographs, all these creations originated in someone’s brain and most of the time the people profiting from them overlook the right to proper compensation for the creator unless they own the image on the ground of it being a work-for fire commission.

The problem that most creators have to face on this matter is the endless paperwork associated with the registration of a copyright. Just in the USA, this process can take up to 8 long months, and the owner of the image, concept or design has to prepare a series of documents to prove their claim, as well as pay out some fees to the legal system before being able to charge anybody using their work.

The Solution to Safekeep an idea
GPCC has been aware of this issue for a long time, and they have been working on a solution. Their team of developers has been hard at work on a platform for copyright protection based on Blockchain Technology. The simple registry system of the ecosystem will create a unique digital signature on intellectual property the will certify ownership among the users, and it will make all the data about the creation process available and irreplaceable.

The GPCC ecosystem will work with a neural algorithm that will keep constant supervision of every graphics work uploaded to the platform to check for plagiarism and transgression of property online at all moments to help the creator enforce the law to claim the rights on their property.

**How does the GPCC works? **
Using the GPCC platform to protect copyright will be as easy as taking a breath, from the comfort of home and making technology work at your side. Any user just needs to register and create an account. After the process is completed, the user right away can upload a file in any desired format. The platform is programmed to accept raster data and vectors. After the upload is done, the system will check the network’s database using the neural algorithm to confirm the design’s uniqueness and protect it with a secret key. When this process is finished, the copyright will be created on the Blockchain log of the company along with all the metadata regarding its ownership.

Earning Money with our Creations Using GPCC
The GPCC platform also allows users to earn money using their copyrighted material once it’s been confirmed and checked by the system. The first thing the creator should do is choose a niche to offer the registered creations. After that, users should set up the cost of getting a license of use for their creations and create a public listing for it in the platform so anyone can look for it within the ecosystem.

A second listing can be created in a more general marketplace of goods to back up the original offering. If a customer decides to work with the creator, they will close down the deal using the tokenized utility of the GPCC using a smart contract.


GPCC is offering a groundbreaking option for the people who need to create a copyright registry of their ideas but doesn’t have the time or the budget to go through the regular means.

To check more about their work, you can go to the Website and Telegram group.;u=1129078


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