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At this time I will discuss a project whose business model is innovative and uses blockchain technology to ensure traceability of precious metals. The project is InnovaMinex.

InnovaMinex is a model economic affair that uses technology that we know as blockchain and do you know why InnovaMinex chose the blockchain for the project because it was guaranteed to track precious iron. Not only that but also with software from a series called procedures where the goal is to ratify all processes from the origin of the mine to the refinery and the final consumer. And do you know that this commercialization was carried out from InnovaMinex e-commerce, not only for e-commerce, but also through shop partners and ATMs from InnovaMinex itself.
Do you know that this InnovaMinex allows you to verify the origin of iron that you have and are able to also convince you that legal extraction and its surroundings are protected whenever the alias is protected from the money laundering process because all of your transactions are registered and innovaMinex community have access to your transactions so you don’t need to worry about the security built by InnovaMinex.

You need to know the absolute purpose of InnovaMinex to make it easier for you and every user to enter gold and other valuable iron through a cryptocurrency broker, InnovaMinex shows the best prices for you and every user or community with a tutorial on transaction system processing and transparency safe from InnovaMinex .

Below I will review a little about various projects from InnovaMinex which might make you understand :

  • First is a mining project
    InnovaMinex has mines of gold, silver and zinc 7 among valuable minerals held by other InnovaMinex. Miner ecology also comes from veins carried out from the subway. Many mines are owned by InnovaMinex, the estimated profit is $ 2 M from exploited mines.
  • Both are distillation processes
    The process carried out by InnovaMinex is planted with the number of refineries that weigh 200kg of gold per day which is processed in a free area and 24 x 7 security. The gold refining process is carried out by the mine itself as well as from third parties. What’s unique about the process carried out by InnovaMinex is an innovative display built by cryptocurrency casting in both gold and silver.
  • Third is E-Commerce innovation
    You need to know that gold and silver coins and ingots produced by InnovaMinex from absolute cryptocurrencies where cryptocurrency is used as a means of payment and discounts when you make payments with INX in the process of buying alias selling precious metals from InnovaMinex. Incredible integration of InnovaMinex has been on Amazon, eBay, etc. that is great there.
  • Fourth is an ATM
    This is what buyers and sellers really need to know, namely the sale of alias purchases of INX, BTC, ETH, etc. Cryptocurrency is safely protected from the interface and intuitively for you and other users. So what are you waiting for to buy gold and iron from InnovaMine through e-commerce at an ATM ?


  1. Blockchain
    Do you know why InnovaMinex chose blockchain because this technology is the best and also the most advanced that is able to show very complete info about a project built by InnovaMinex where blockchain is able to trace noble iron to the commercialization of InnovaMinex, so InnovaMinex chose this blockchain technology sophisticated.
  2. Security and integrity
    For the sake of convenience for you to make transactions carried out by automated means it is very safe and reliable so without the need for a third party, then you don’t need to worry about the security of this innovoMinex system that is maintained.
  3. Faster speed
    If you experience delays in the factor of inter-bank transactions that needed yesterday to complete, you don’t need to worry because the benefits of INX 24/7 to reduce transaction time, the process is usually a long transaction, you are only a few minutes.
  4. Low costs
    For those of you who are afraid of the transaction cost budget, you don’t need to worry because InnovaMinex has removed merchants with third parties with unexpected additional budget, so you can do low-budget transactions.
  5. INX
    You do not need to worry about InnovaMinex ranking level, cryptocurrency will be ranked first in the mining industry and noble iron that has been run.
  6. Value traced
    For facilities from InnovaMinex from the blockchain, complete and consistent, this factor is also available to the public, for you as INX users there is no need to have confusion regarding the completeness provided by InnovaMinex.
  7. Market
    as a kind of other projects that provide a market for its supporters, InnovaMinex is the best option for you in terms of security and effectiveness for you to buy gold or precious metals.
  8. Transparency and eternity
    From the transaction that you alias other users have done it will be issued and can not be changed by anyone and not able to be deleted You can watch the history of INX that has been issued alias entered.

Token Information
Name : InnovaMinex
Token : INХ
Platform : Own
PreICO price : 1 INХ = 0.5 USD
Tokens for sale : 210,000,000
Soft cap : 10000000 USD
Hard cap : 52500000 USD

The Team

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