BQT – increases ownership of several cryptive assertions

If CRYPTO is looking for more ways to be more involved in FIAT, MB is considering reducing the reduction of FIAT. Crypto has a very special value and can be used as an agreement to get another logo from Crypto. They believe that having the ability to have Crypto feel directly and indirectly related to the crypto business directly with the seller.
The BQT Exchange Platform provides a secure, interactive and flexible P2P transaction environment and an easy-to-use interface for managing various types of transactions, including various encrypted properties. The financial office offers world-class traders with the help of its own Crypto trade, which is directly in the community. To use variable changes at Cryptto, BQT provides a transparent transparency mechanism. Unlike sellers and deaf spending, business sales are an inactive way for traders to buy short-term cryptofactive reports by installing crypto accounts.

Projects and businesses provide products and services that utilize electronic money management tools and create infrastructure for blocking applications. people. Although e-money is a major contribution to a large group of companies, there are now more than four companies found:

mining company

Good commercial design
When Blockchain attempted to find CRYPTO at FIAT, it believed in reducing additives for FIAT. Each of these cryptos has special value and can be used instead of other features. They believe in the need for cryoprotected solutions by offering crypto-active agents and the most important transactions with traders can be realized. In addition, they believe that the market now has the ability to protect their own resources to get other parts of Crypto. Although it is difficult to make trade processes and choices in the P2P world, the BQ team has created a new and powerful tool. Sellers can provide short-term steps. ,

The Binansi element works
After Binance left the ICO, he was promoted, a simpler sales outlook and now the best for Bittrex and other key sectors. There are several Binante elements that have a market sign:

A. Flatbeds also compares with the legal basis.
b. Let the seller open a lot for sale.
c. Use your usual fees using a 50% discount.
Create a list of tags and ERC20 Post-ICO and Port that show promise of Blockchain updates and usage.
e. Provides daily tolls and installations / fast coins.

P2P P2P Exchange
In the last two months, March 2018, the number of seats in the market and other trade in the P2P market increased while the bill increased $ 75 million a week. The Canadian and European markets set production records. In March, BTC / IDR transactions issued Rp. 580 million a week in Localbitcoin, while P2P ads in Vietnam created a second design, which contained 3.725 billion VND.

ICO / token details

Token: BQATX

Platform: Ethereum

Type: Price

according to ERC20 ICO: 1 BQT = 0.00125 ETH


Pre-ICO wants 40%

Token (ICO)

Less than 10 million unique 30%

10mm 20mm tokensina 25%

20 mm-30 mm marks 20%

Score 30 mm-40 mm: 15%


50 mm 10% 50 mm + 5% sign

Deadline for fraud (ICO)

5 days 5%

6-10 days 4%

11-20 days 3%

21-30 days 2%

30 + days 1%

Bonus value (for ICO and ICO)

1 000-5000 5% brand

5,001-10,000 7.5%

10,001 to 15,000 only 10%

15,001 to 20,000 only 12,5%

20,001 + 15% blankets

Retail sales: 115,000,000


Each module and database are instructed to use different encryption methods and privacy and protection for businesses. For each trade profile, there is a need for a 2FA configuration.

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