UCIM is a meeting of blockchain and cryptocurrency held in Singapore on November 26 and 27.2018. By pooling internet money smoothly for a decentralized economy, narrowing the gap between the physical world and the digital world, it will now emerge with future technology that paves the way to a better tomorrow. Waiting for reality. We aim to build a platform for UCIM to be launched together, thinking leaders, investors and the media to explore the strengths and comprehensive possibilities of distributed industries and their impact on the economy. Interesting discussions, investment opportunities, and partnerships, a unique network to develop ideas and dreams that are sustainable and sustainable – UCIM offers everything.

Thus, this event lies between traditional centralized structures and ideas that emerge from a decentralized economy. With this borderless unlimited network, the world witnesses a blend of technology, business, ideas and dreams.

In recent years the introduction of cryptographic violations has been growing rapidly because of the appeal of those who want to use alternative currencies. All encryption currencies are decentralized and exist electronically anonymously, so they are called future currencies.

Bitcoin is the first cryptographic violation and remains the most prominent. Because of the growing popularity, now every day normal transactions occur. Famous companies such as Etsy and subways receive coin bits as payment. With a BitPay Visa debit card, you can convert bit coins to traditional money in minutes and accept Visa wherever you use the card. Another platform, ChainTrade, uses a block chain to revolutionize the trade in food and raw materials. This financial sector contributes more than $ 2 trillion per year.

Meeting agenda.

Conference tracks are comprehensive and well researched and cover a variety of industries and technologies to enhance destructive leadership. Topics are chosen based on unbiased understanding and trends that require expert opinion.

UCIM block chain conference


Explore the ongoing efforts that have led to the adoption and application of unlimited intrusive technology and explore what is prepared for the future.

UCIM block chain conference


The outline of art behind successful investments, meets international requirements to gather investor relations and build competent businesses.

UCIM block chain conference


In existing scenarios and all future scenarios, map industry-specific coverage and take advantage of appropriate opportunities for growth, expansion, and confusion.

UCIM block chain conference


Understanding current rules and possibilities across borders, and how to influence business revolutionizes this industry.

Who will join UCIM? .

Block, cryptocurrency, FinTech, AI, ML and other next-generation technology enthusiasts around the world will join UCIM. A mix of balanced investors, ideological leaders, newly emerging companies and the media will be a platform to spread the spirit of decentralization and innovation.


Focus on startups that can change the global business space with future technology

UCIM block chain conference

Heart thinker

Provide best practices and moving thoughts for future leaders.

UCIM block chain conference


Catch meetings that cover all industries and technology make headlines.

UCIM block chain conference

To start

The impact of investors throws and forms of valuable relationships between ideological leaders and the media.

Our speaker.

UCIM is witnessing the industry’s best speaker to promote joint progress, along with an excellent block chain and founder of cryptographic companies. When agile professionals interact with experts around the world to form networks and get used to opinions about the most important topics, they can lead to new revolutions.


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