4New is a new innovative project that is going to revolutionize waste to energy industry. It will use massive amount of waste produced daily to transform it into energy that is required by the consumers. Due to the low cost of production of such energy and the automation of each and every process by using the blockchain technology 4new is going to introduce one of the most efficient, advance and updated waste to energy models to date.

 4New Concept:
4new is coming up with a unique project, not only it will be a profitable business but also a great form of service to mankind, as it deems to put the useless everyday waste to use. Not only this but the project will be environment friendly so good for all the habitats of this world and nature. 4New will be bringing two real world products together to produce its cost effect product and profit from it by distributing it to the consumer. To understand better, waste is an everyday product that is always in excess while energy is an everyday utility product that is always required, and if it is cheap it can create huge demand.
The whole 4New ecosystem will be managed efficiently by the unique 4new blockchain that will regulate and automate each and every step and process. The 4new economy, payments and the transactions will also occur through its own cryptocurrency called the FRNC or 4new coins.

 Advantages of 4New Project:

  1. Unlike majority of the crypto and blockchain based products, 4new is coming up with a real, physical and tangible project that will be a running business for profit.
  2. The project will be fully compliant with all the regulations and will be under going good practices.
  3. A complete blockchain integrated business model to creat an unmatched and highly efficient business.
  4. Zero negative impact on environment, rather it will have good effect as it will be eco-friendly.
  5. The project will also provide highly efficient customer feed back system to ensure high quality of service.
  6. 4new will also come up with its own state of the art electric meters to ensure efficiency.
  7. Business revenue and the performance is insured by the company.
  8. The streamlined costs of the project will provide upto 20% savings for the consumers.
  9. 4New is a renewable project that will supply a limited product that has unlimited demand.
  10. 4New management and operations team is highly qualified and experienced with a collective experience of over 300 years.

To explain the 4NEW model more precisely, the illustration below gives an insight.

The platform is built on the Blockchain technology with a view to reorganize the waste and energy industry for the benefits of both participants of the blockchain ecosystem and non-members to give everyone and anyone a sense of humanity. To get comprehensive details on the model adopted by the 4NEW Limited to solve outlined challenges; download ‘White Paper’ https://4new.co.uk/4new_whitepaper.pdf. The 4NEW solution will help bridge that gap for the blockchain network by setting up future plant sites in close proximity to urban centers where these data servers may be situated, thereby alleviating the burdens on the respective national electric grid.
The platform is built on four pillars. 4NEW Coin Limited– Provide “Coin as a Service” to industry peers, consumers and early adopters. Decentralized, open source blockchain integrated platform facilitating transactional exchange between Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumer (B2C) and Consumer to Consumer (C2C) related to waste and energy markets.

4NEW Limited- Waste to Energy operating company.4NEW Smart Meter Limited- Smart Meter leasing and operating company.4NEW Assets Limited – Real estate asset holding company inclusive of property, plant and equipment. To find more about the four step model of the platform, access the platform’s website on https://4new.co.uk/.

The token used in the platform to transact, makes payments and regulate usage of electricity by households, industries and private users, is the 4NEW coins. Each 4NEW plant has a minimum annual capacity of approximately 40,000 tonnes per year of waste processing. Each ton generates roughly $110.00 in coin utilization for waste collection services. Additionally, processing 40,000 tonnes of waste per year would convert to approximately 104,000 MW/Yr of energy that can be sold for approximately $0.13 per KW in coin utilization. Both waste and energy require roughly $13,500,000.00 in coin utilization per annum per plant. To meet up corporate objectives of the platform, ICO is out for offer to allow participants take active part in the inherent benefit of the platform.

 ICO Details:
4new project is represented by its ERC-20 token called FRNC. The crowdsale will remain open from mid October to Mid december, the earlier you contribute to the crowdsale the bigger bonus you can get. Majority of the funds received in the crowdsale will be used primarily in the development of the plant, running costs, marketing and blockchain development. The project will start development after the crowdsale goals are met and it will become operational by Q4 2018 hopefully.

Principles on which companies work now are not always effective and transparent, and 4NEW is a future company where a smart contract determines the relationship between the parties to the contract.
Learn more on the site https://4new.co.uk/
Telegram https://t.me/joinchat/EgIZbBDLYGHlhtbSS58i-Q
Twitter https://twitter.com/4newcoin
Linkedin https://linkedin.com/company/4new
Facebook https://fb.me/4newcoin
My account bitcointalk:  KochnevAr ( https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1803051 )


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