4NEW new approaches to the old problem

4NEW is a big project that gives a lot of benefits to the human beings & to the mother-nature. 4NEW gives solutions for two major problems in world while making a strong and wealthy future for the investors. 4NEW is going to give solutions for the waste surplus & energy shortfall. This is not all, 4NEW invents a new coin to the crypto currency world which could be the next bitcoin. So this is the chance to get on the train before it take off.

In one side , 4NEW gives a huge service to the nature. 4NEW is going to make energy from waste materials. They will collect waste from the people & make energy from them by their 4NEW waste to energy plant. That will stop the earth pollution which happen by the waste materials. 4NEW will cause to reduce the waste dumping on everywhere and also the earth filling by waste. That all means 4NEW will give a great service to the nature.

The next benefit is solution for the energy crisis. 4NEW will make electricity energy from waste materials by their waste to energy plant. 4NEW will sell the electricity energy to the national grid & other consumers. 4NEW will establish the waste to energy plant in a place near to the area that use to collect the waste materials. That will decrease the cost of transportation. 4NEW will establish their first plant in United Kingdom & will spread to the world by the time.

While the technology to convert waste into energy has been around for years and proven to be effective in most countries, with more joining the technology each year, nobody on the planet has integrated the entire chain, from waste collection to energy distribution, on to the block chain network yet.

With plants located in and around urban areas, the costs of transporting the waste from point of creation, to point of incineration is minimal, increasing profits for 4new, and creating lower priced energy for consumers, a win win.

The coin offering for 4new is as follows

17th October to 23rd October, 2017 1 FRN = 0.003787 ETH (20% Bonus 4NEW Coins)

24th October to 31st October, 2017 1 FRN = 0.004132 ETH (10% Bonus 4NEW Coins)

1st November to 14th November, 2017 1 FRN = 0.004545 ETH

15th November to December 15th, 2017 15 1 FRN = 0.005882 ETH


A token offering is also planned. You can support the project and thus enable development and in turn get tokens, and so engage in revolution. You can participate in the token purchase until 15.12. at a price of 1 ETH = 170 FRNC tokens. If you participate, bonuses are also available early. There are 300,000,000 tokens available. You can take part in the token offer at the following link: https://4new.co.uk/

Learn more on the site https://4new.co.uk/

Telegram https://t.me/joinchat/EgIZbBDLYGHlhtbSS58i-Q

Twitter https://twitter.com/4newcoin

Linkedin https://linkedin.com/company/4new

Facebook https://fb.me/4newcoin

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