EthereumOne (Pre-Ico)

Today I will review a little about the ico EthereumONE smart contracting platform

We want a world where cryptocurrency is as normal as current banknotes. A world where smart contracts are the same as cellphones, tablets and laptops. A world where people use smart contracts frequently with the EthereumONE platform

EthereumONE wants to see people take advantage of smart contracts. Smart contracts are not only for business applications. The world will find extraordinary ways to implement blockchain and smart contracts to make our lives easier and EthereumONE will be the center of that innovation.

EthereumONE wants to make a difference because that is the purpose of this project and mission. The aim is to make a difference for everyone who does not have a bank account.Ethereum ONE is a decentralized project, and we want to see people and businesses around the world to adopt what our project will do to help them, especially to control their own finances. Because the blockchain is one of the most amazing innovations in our lives and we are still in the early stages, we believe in the blockchain and know what potential can be brought to 3 billion people without a bank account in the world.

The founders of EthereumONE imagined a future where EthereumONE was widely accepted by everyone as a payment method in all countries, and had become an important part of the traditional financial system. They will see a world where people who work every day can save their work values in units of safe values called EthereumONE. EthereumONE is a de-facto global currency, used by banks, insurance companies and daily trading, contributing to the world of friction free trade, where buying and selling is now greatly facilitated thanks to EthereumONE.

EthereumONE is an ERC20 token that is traded on the Ethereum network, and is made to help users find alternative fiat currencies that are safe, fast, and reliable. We at EthereumOne strongly support decentralized cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, Verge & DigiByte, because they are the essence of cryptocurrency.

Token Information

Name: Ethereum One
Token: ETO
Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20

Currencies: ETH
Tokens for sale: 70,000,000 ETO

Token price: 1 ETO = 0.057 USD
Minimum purchase: 350 ETO
Maximum purchase: 35,000 ETO

Bonus program:
Get bonuses 20% if buy more than 5 Ether

HARDCAP: 3.000.000$
SOFTCAP: 1.000.000$


50% – 35,000,000 for token sale
20% – 14,000,000 for Team
20% – 14,000,000 for Bounty & Airdrop
10% – 7,000,000 for Development

Funds allocation:

20% – Development
30% – Pay Listing Fees
50% – BuyBack Tokens


At the end of 2018 we will launch an APP that will support our payment solutions, so that everyone can use and pay with EthereumONE throughout the world as long as they have cell phones. Furthermore, in 2019 we launched our own decentralized Exchange and also launched a virtual wallet so that you can have your Ethereum ONE stored safely in your own wallet on your computer on your mobile. We encourage to take part in this project and we need help in various fields from support, development, project ambassadors, and more. Thank you for reading our white paper if you have questions or if you want to take part in this project, please reach us.




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