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everyone has the right to maintain the privacy of their data. the internet has made extensive information storage, and that makes our information private and secure.But here the internet has made privacy attacking much easier than ever. A simple hacking, security breaking, someone’s privacy gone, abused and the result is an extreme loss. Considering this fact, a brand new project was born and that is Securypto.

It’s commonly known that every software, even the one developed by the best in the field, will have bugs and flaws. Securypto takes the integrity of the project to the next level by designing a dedicated open source hardware for the tasks and combining it to a visual verifiable communication technique which makes remote exploiting of vulnerabilities impossible. Meet ‘DigiSafeGuard’l

What is Securypto

Securypto is associate degree Zerocoin, Master node based totally blockchain task targeted on anonymous storage & transfer​ of encrypted statistics.

Securypto is a project targeting privacy of one and trying to make it more secure than ever. Here on the internet, messaging, communicating on different social media is a daily work of most people. Hence much private information can be found if there’s a security breach. There’s absolutely no way to ensure that the social media site is 100% secure as long its connected with the Internet or everything is encrypted. This is where Securypto comes. Securypto will provide the privacy, the security but also keep everyone connected. Securypto will introduce a device. With the help of that device, one can easily communicate with others, share files, messages and other things. But the difference is that everything is encrypted. Not only making sure everyone’s privacy is highly secured but also keeping the communication system on the check.


About Securypto


The hardware itself will be called DigiSafeGuard. This will play the role as the device that holds all the parts to work like how Securypto plans on. It will be a simple device yet it will be powerful enough to execute everything accordingly and perfectly.


Securypto blockchain is not just another cryptocurrency-based project aimed for transferring of assets, but it’s built as a proxy connecting masternodes to external hosting facilities like; IPFS, Sia, Amazon cloud etc.

For a long time, privacy was a hard to solve issue as our privacy was dependent on trusting third parties. Unfortunately, because of this our privacy has been violated many times by multiple corporations and even governments. Blockchain technology has solved the “trust issue” as every data can now be verified without trusting any specific third party. Securypto blockchain adds an extra privacy layer on top of every function it offers and at the same time creates a Paid-Content-Management which enables its users to get rewarded for their uploaded content.


Highest security level can only be achieved by right combination of hardware and software which are specially designed to match each other’s functions.

Securypto software is designed to make a well-balanced system considering the aspect of user-friendliness, security & privacy. So, whether you are looking for a safe to store your digital coins or earn some money for your uploaded work as a content uploader or maybe just looking to send encrypted messages without fear of another backdoor installed on your favorite app, Securypto will achieve all that for you with the power of the blockchain and a team of security tin foiled hat people supporting it.

SCU Tokens

Securypto blockchain is what adds a privateness layer at the head of all the capabilities provided by the committed hardware (DSG) and therefore the code program. At constant time, it creates a Paid-Content-Management that permits the users to urge rewarded for his or her uploaded content and therefore the hosts to urge procured their website hosting facilities and for this, you wish SCU money.

SCU is an utility coin/token having a real world usage, required to transfer anonymous encrypted data on Securypto blockchain and monetizing content distribution. Securypto token has been released on the basis of Ethereum platform. Upon switching from TestNet to MainNet, SCU tokens will be swapped for SCU coins on Securypto MainNet blockchain. Total supply of SCU tokens is one hundred million (100,000,000).

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0.1 eth

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