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VICTORIEUM is a platform that revolutionizes digital wallets with next generation cryptocurrency as the main service, this platform aims to outrun the current limits of crypto-market. The high-level architecture of the Victorieum platform ensures that speed and stability are always a priority. We are revolutionizing a centralized financial market with blockchain technology

Victorieum comes as a solution to problems that often occur in the world of cryptocurrency. Victorieum assures its customers with very low performance, security, features and transaction costs. The Victorieum platform has been built intuitively keeping in mind the end user. Performance and value delivery form the main focus area.

Advantages of Victorieum

The Victorieum platform is based on blockchain technology, which turns into a strong architecture based on trust. The Blockchain design guarantees the best comfort for users along with incredible speed. Victorieum is a fully licensed crypto bank and stock exchange, offering its customers low commissions throughout the world. Project calculations are carried out using smart contracts, ensuring low transaction costs in combination at high speed.

This service works best on functionality to complement reference requests in the absence of clients with sequences of existence to follow a systematic design template with a framework that extensively arranges various interesting aspects of qualifications for actions with a decisive level as a choice to give in habit in the denomination as leaving with the widest on the offer to the choice of working with marks on priors because of the client’s preference to give less severe to achieve the best with a dedication account from personal banking on services as financing for functionality.

Victorieum offers free bank cards with three types – Silver, Gold and Platinum, depending on how many tokens the user has. Depending on the type of card, the number of maintenance discounts is from 15% to 50%, the amount of CashBack to the card is from 0.5% to 1.5%. To issue a card, you need a number of tokens of 10,000 VTM.

Foreign bank

Full offshore banking services for traders, investors and e-money fans are one of the main features of Victorieum. We strongly believe in Blockchain technology and the future of electronic money. Victorieum Offshore will fully support all cryptocurrency transactions and transactions for its branches.

Loan loans have low interest rates of up to 14%

The unique Victorieum Credit Center will allow users to use instant loans for their cryptographic assets. Forget about bureaucratic procedures and complications. The borrower only needs to complete the application, complete 4 simple steps, and the Finance Department Victorieum will approve it within 24 hours. We use encryption for everyone.

Electronic Money Transfer

Victorieumex is designed to overwrite the current encrypted market capitalization. Thanks to the dynamic architecture of the new generation, Bursa Victorieum ensures that users will always be assured of perfect platform performance. Reliability, speed, scalability and performance – this is what determines the exchange of coding for this new era.

Passive Income Program

The unique passive income program, Victorieum, gives users increased value for Victorieum tokens. Our markers can generate up to 30%

Credit card

We believe in the value of our users and stakeholders. So, Silver, Gold and Platinum card holders will receive free debit cards or credit cards that can be used on Victorieum’s platforms and banks.



The Victorieum platform is based on blockchain technology which translates into architecture that is resistant to trust-based fraud. The design is like offering users maximum comfort along with lightning-fast speeds. Victorieum is a fully licensed and exchanged crypto bank, offering low to zero fees for customers worldwide

Thus Victorieum will be superior to existing platforms, with features and advantages that include:

Issue own deposit products

Current Account for Corporate and Individual clients


Fixed time deposit account

Mutual fund set up

Check account

Fixed period

Issue Credit Cards through Mastercard / VISA Principal Member

Issuance of Bank References and Good Rating Certificates

Daily liquidity account

Multi-Currency Account

Asset Management likes products

Currency exchange

Investment Consulting Services

Insurance Broker

Financial Engineering

(Private Banking and Wealth Management in joint product solutions)

Victorieum exchange

Victorieum passive income program

The Victorieum exchange will be connected to Victorieum Bank, which is ready to implement the best exchange software. The exchange will start with USD and EUR, with more to follow as we move. 
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Token: VTM

PreICO Price: 1 VTM = 0.01 USD

Price: 1 VTM = 0.06 USD

Bonus: Available

Bounty: Available

Platform: Ethereum

Accept: ETH, BTC

Minimum investment: 500 VTM

Soft Stamp: 10,000,000 USD

Hard cap: 65.000.000 USD

Country: Belize

Whitelist / KYC: KYC

Forbidden area: US, Belize



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