E-mail remains the most common and most often used communication means in the
modern world. An e-mail address is needed for any internet activity, from online shopping to registering on social media. There are currently 3.7 billion e-mail addresses registered in the world. The email services market grows by 17% every year, and by 2021 will reach 46.8 billion dollars (more than twice higher than the current value) according to study by Radicati Group, Palo Alto.
Every day, 269 billion e-mail messages are delivered to users, 39% of which are letters from private persons, and 61% is business correspondence. In the coming years, the number of business letters is expected to grow by approximately 13% each year, and the number of private letters will decline by about 3–4% per year.
Now is the ideal time to create an e-mail service that meets the growing demands of the modern world. The largest players on this market do not care about further developing the standard and haven’t introduced any revolutionary innovations to the existing standard, because they are making huge profits off your letters.
The next generation e-mail system that we are creating meets the following
1.It is compatible with existing mail protocols (resolved);
2.It does not have a single center for data storage and management (decentralization);
3.Public keys and identification data of users are stored in blockchain and therefore
cannot be masqueraded or compromised. Recipient identification is guaranteed,
and public keys can’t be replaced by a third party (resolved);
4.All data that is sent and stored is reliably encrypted, with no exception. That includes metadata, headers, and attached files (resolved);
5.There is no message size limit (resolved);
6.No additional software required, everything works in any browser, including those
on mobile devices (resolved). Installing the application on your mobile device will
improve the user experience, but is not necessary;
7. The cryptographic architecture is optimized for data streaming and may be adaptedto other types of applications, such as group calls, video-conferences, etc. (resolved);
8.Public API providing access to user keys allows creating third-party applications basedon the new architecture and integrating existing systems into the new platform;
9. Our solution is several times less expensive than existing commercial applications
(starting at $1 per month), including a long period of free use for new customers;
10.Spam protection implemented at the system architecture level
Safe.adа Decentralized Mail Service аnd Cloud Storage with End-To-End Encryption
We are not entering the market with simply an idea or a useless prototype. We believe in our final product which serves as an unobjectionable and absolute guarantee of our own existence,competence, professionalism and expertise. Based on this, we are confident that we will not scare away any of our potential investors
and users.
We appreciate the idea of crypto anarchy and user anonymity on the Internet.
We are not hiding from anyone as we take part in conferences and
communicate with the crypto community. We are not fans of exposing our private lives
The token is called SAFE, it was issued according to the ERC20 standard and is a utility token required for our service. The number of tokens issued will be determined after the initial study of demand. The starting value of 1 SAFE token will be 1 USD. An up to 25% discount of the starting value will be provided at the pre-sale stage to avoid a sharp drop in price during the first days the token will be traded freely on the stock exchange. Half of all tokens will be sold to token holders during the ICO; the second half will remain in possession of the Safe company.
The minimum subscription price for our service will be $1 per month. Paying for service will become compulsory after 3 months of use. Half of this amount ($.50) will be retained by the service owners and will be used to cover the costs of maintaining the service. The other half ($.50) will be automatically converted into tokens (SAFE) at the current stock exchange rate, the token holder will get the cash, and the tokens themselves (or their fractions) will go back to service owners.
This way, as the number of active users goes up, the number of SAFE tokens in circulation goes down, that will inevitably ensure constant growth of the token exchange rate, and this process will be infinite. This means that the growth of the SAFE token exchange rate will directly depend on the appeal of our service. Therefore we will direct 50% of all proceeds from the ICO to marketing and advertising our service.

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