NOVAM – combines the best of Distributed Ledger Technology and Risk Mitigation

It is no current story that cryptocurrency is a digital currency which was brought into existence through the use of advanced encryption techniques known as cryptography and powered by Blockchain technology.

Since the big breakthrough in year 2017, the amount of Initial Coin Offer(ICO) and Token which have been purchased and sold is still counting in their exponential rate. Research has also shown that , there are thousands of ICO’s and Tokens crypto-digital market but knowing which ICO or Token to invest in could possibly be a hurdle for lots and lots of potential investors to cross in this race of cyptocurrency investment .

This is where NOVAM comes into play…

NOVAM is the first distributed cybersecurity solution for IoT using Distributed Ledger Technology to monitor and automatically mitigate cyber-threats in Internet-of-Things (IoT) ecosystems while providing auditing and compliance reporting.

Research for NOVAM started in 2016 at Inteligus Solutions. Inteligus Solutions built a successful business by providing identity and access management solutions in the digital security and surveillance industry. Inteligus Solutions also specializes in custom-fit security solutions, identity management, and access control systems for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) spanning more than 50 countries and 50,000+ surveillance devices.

Using machine learning, AI and probabilistic mathematics, their monitoring and mitigation system is ever-alert, and always present while being device agnostic. This system is designed to protect networks by monitoring and mitigating cyber-threats and intrusions automatically. Providing auditing and regulatory compliance integrations into existing Security Operation Centers (SOC) and cyber-products enables enterprise to provide accurate reporting for stakeholders and governments.

NOVAM is using distributed cybersecurity technology to mitigate IoT threats from the secure boot chain, operating system, application layer and network. It is also providing features like auditing and regulatory compliance integration to the threat monitoring and detection services to ensure that events are included on a distributed ledger network.

NOVAM’s aim is to become the industry leader using distributed ledger technology for cybersecurity threat detection, device mitigation and compliance. There are three pillars on which NOVAM is focused. Monitoring IoT devices and systems, threat mitigation of IoT devices, and auditing and regulatory compliance for threat monitoring platforms.

NOVAM is focused on industries related to hardware manufacturers, software firms, cybersecurity, Fortune 500 and eCommerce/digital Payments. The cybersecurity token is a software license within the distributed ledger to access the network, client functions, security and additional technology in the future.

Companies coupling with the NOVAM token will have the additional benefits of democratizing the purchase of software licenses. It will reduce the costs associated with negotiating bulk licensing deals, paying for licenses and company time

to initiate.

The NOVAM team has experience in security, government system architecture, networking, IoT, access control systems and corporate innovation.



Q3 – Ideation & Research

Q4 – Market research with IoT manufacturers


Q1 – Market research, Whitepaper creation

Q2 – R&D, Marketing prep, Advisor consultations, Legal

Q3 – Pre-Sale & Public Token Sale prep, Legal, Marketing campaign

Q4 – Build team, system health check development, bootloader development


Q1 – AI R&D, system health check private testing, additional partnerships, job openings

Q2 – NOVAM TestNet, AI network development, system health check TestNet private partner testing, job openings

Q3 – API build out, Analytics platform build starts

Q4 – Analytics platform and API testing with NOVAM TestNet


Q1 – AI network NOVAM TestNet, beta health check TestNet

Q2 – Rapid expansion to new markets

Q3 – AI Productization, Health Check Productization

Q4 – Marketing increase for new partnerships and clients

Token & ICO info:

Token – MNVM

PreICO Price – 1 MNVM = 0.06 USD

Platform – Ethereum

Accepting – ETH, Fiat

Minimum investment – 20,000 USD

Soft cap – 500000 USD

Hard cap – 2076923 USD

Country USA

Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist


Ian Perschke, Adam Perschke and Brooks McMillin are the founders of Inteligus Solutions. They recognized an opportunity to merge distributed cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and distributed ledger technology to create a company whose mission is to transparently and more securely protect entire networks, infrastructures and IoT endpoints with automated technology.

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