SEYBLOCK project has launched a decentralized BLOCKCHAIN escrow platform which gives returns and profits to investors with a very minimal risk. With SEYBLOCK decentralized escrow platform, members earn from their investment through provision of services without any risk involved. Have you ever imagine investing in a crypto-currency platform free of any form of risk? This is what SEYBLOCK platform has come to offer investors through neutralization of all risk involved in crypto-currency investment. Most of the centralized platform running different investment for member lack some qualities and features which make it more difficult for the investor and crypto-enthusiast to patronize them. Some of these problems includes: Scalability issue, centralization which means there is involvement of authorities or some particular organization controlling the platform, lack of transparency and so on.

Today, SEYBLOCK platform has given us a decentralized escrow platform which operates without the involvement of third-party agents of organization.

Some of the feature of SEYBLOCK decentralized platform which make it better than other platform of its kind includes; decentralized escrow system, traceable transactions on the blockchain network, Anonymous transaction, introduction of News platform.

For betterment of the project, SEYBLOCK project is based on stellar blockchain network which this have positive impact on the progress and development of the project. Launching the project on stellar blockchain platform will help rectifying the scalability issue embattling the other project which launched on the other blockchain platform. As we have known STELLAR blockchain platform to have been the best of all the other blockchain platform because of its fast transaction and confirmation, it’s world-wide adoption and its low transasction fees on the blockchain network. High fees, slow transaction, and scalability issue is what other project have been battling with on the other blockchain network. With SEYBLOCK on stellar blockchain, I can guarantee that there will be smooth transaction between members of SEYBLOCK.

Part of the features adopted by SEYBLOCK project to make things easy for users and investors in the platform include the introduction of profit calculator in the platform which this will help users and investors to know how much profits would be earned based on the amount invested in the platform. This is one of the features which has been lacking in the other platform as a result of lack of transparency on those other platform. SEYBLOCK calculator will give investors and users more insight on how on much, when and how profits would be paid. Daily profits will be paid to users and investors in the platform through the commissions earned from users and member’s transactions. SEYBLOCK platform has been designed to reward users and investors with 7% to 10% of the daily earning in the platform. As we are all aware that most of the other project hardly give reward to users and members of the platform, but with SEYBLOCK reward program members would be very happy to earn reward from the platform.

World-wide adoption of SEYBLOCK platform will be very easy through the use of blockchain technology to process all forms of transaction across the globes. People always get worried how convenient it would be for them to move fund and transfer money from one geographical location to another as a result of series of policies which has restricted global transaction of money and funds. In a centralized world, before any transaction can be made your own geographical there is always involvement of government, banks and financial institutions before such transaction can be authorized. Many thanks to SEYBLOCK platform which has given better means of sending funds across the globes through the introduction of its decentralized blockchain platform free of any form of policies and restrictions and without the involvement of any third-party services.

SEYBLOCK project has adopted an improved blockchain security measures to counter the issue of hacks and attacks happening to all crypto-currency platform. With the improved technology adopted by SEYBLOCK project members and users can go ahead with their trades and transaction without the fair of been hacked or attacked. Stellar blockchain platform is the most secured of all blockchain platform because of its adoption of industry-standard public key cryptography tools and technique
SEYBLOCK team has proven to be the best so far because of the knowledge and skills they have put together to ensure the success of this project which confirms its legitimacy. Most of the project’s team members always hide their details and information which gives crypto-lovers concerned about the legitimacy of the projects.

After checking the roadmap of SEYBLOCK project, I discovered that everything is in place according to how it’s been scheduled meaning everything is going well for the project as planned.



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