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It is with great pleasure i sincerely wish to inform you about a project with the unique features to improve our ecosystem. Basically, as always, I would like to highlight out that my articles are never and in no way any financial advice and will be a guide to adequately inform the masses about a unique project.Nevertheless they represent solely my opinion on a project nothing more, and I have studied them extensively for my purpose. As with any decision in life, everyone has to self-responsible to get their own opinion based on research.
It is common knowledge that the blockchain technology is revolutionary.
This has led to the urgent need for a platform that can assist humanity and develop the ecosystem to a favourable stage.

Monet code review, hard to focus on just the code because the whole idea is very cool. Mobile ad hoc blockchains to decentralize P2P, this is the very nature of a disruptive technology.

I’m going to try to keep this review more professional than my Holochain one. But I have to admit I’m excited.

Decentralized apps, not dApps, are sexy. And yes, Decentralized apps are dApps, but I don’t know how else to change the terminology. There is a difference between an app that happens to be decentralized and an app that focuses on the process of decentralizing something else. Right? So let’s break the two down.

Decentralized app, we have some application that is peer to peer creating a small localized mesh between us, it does not talk to a server, but uses each peer to use as a hop to communicate.

dApps are applications that run in blockchains (normally a VM), while these are also decentralized apps, they are something else.

Monet recognizes that they are three major factors to P2P mobile applications:

Peer-discovery: Creating an environment where local peers are discovered in the network where nodes come and go.

Mobility: Maintaining mapping between peers and their IP addresses as they roam across the network and change IP realms.

NAT Traversal: Nodes are located between multiple layers of NAT.

Monet employees an agnostic approach to these aforementioned factors, leaving it up to the Dapp developers to decide how they want to care out peer discovery and NAT Traversal for their users. Nodes within the Monet Network form an overlay on top of the internet and communicate via TCP/IP.

Monet allows for easy decentralized apps that reach consensus via Babble protocol. There is an important architectural difference here, with a blockchain consensus is inherent in the chain itself. Here consensus is removed, consensus as a service as it were. You give it a sequence of message events and it will figure out the correct ordering for you.

Monet Network is aiming to develop a system were servers are no longer needed on a full time basis, and were people can interact amongst each other without reverting completely to an extended group of participants in the network or any other major party.
Monet’s vision is to develop a system that does not rely on a specific server, but is designed for mobile apps where the users can connect with each other for the length of time to accomplish the tasks that they need, without the constant presence of a third party mediating every single interaction.

The Monet.Network team have uncovered an additional weakness that they will be trying to solve. That is, that the current products and services offered on the blockchain are also working in a centralized manner.

This is very revealing of the current state of the projects in the space namely: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple , Litecoin, EOS and others. Upon closer examination you will notice that some of the components are ran in a decentralized manner but the main blockchains of these projects are still controlled/maintained in a very centralized way.

So setting up a peer to peer transaction wouldn’t be possible – the entire blockchain would be aware of the transaction, the people involved and possibly the amounts of the transaction.

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