Biometrids is a stage for identication utilizing facial acknowledgment by cell phone. The Biometrids stage enables individuals to recognize themselves to others utilizing the face acknowledgment incorporated with their telephones. By utilizing a permanent disseminated record, each individual in the chain will be extraordinary. One face implies one ID, and each ID is exceptional. On the off chance that you are recorded in the chain once, you will never have the capacity to control that ID again or duplicate the ID. This will avoid fraud and tricks, and will likewise guarantee clients are who they say they are.

Our stage will bring the personality into new measurements. A decentralized ID will help individuals to be free, and make the world a more confided set up. A decentralized ID will keep you unknown, But still certification that you are. There are a considerable measure of utilization cases for Biometrids. We utilize machine figuring out how to guarantee facial acknowledgment. Despite the fact that your appearance may change after some time, your facial forms will dependably remain the same. In the event that an organization or client needs to recognize you, they can send a demand for your Biometrids wallet. An ask for will fly up on your screen and you essentially filter your face. This will approve your corporate character or client.

We are building a stage that other blockchain activities can execute. This could be wallets, banks, organizations, land accomplices, and that’s just the beginning. On the off chance that a wallet engineer needs to utilize the framework, they basically actualize the API; a short time later, you can utilize your face to login to your wallet and you will have the capacity to pay them specifically. The day stores have executed a ton of wallets, so it will be extremely easy to make installments. Essentially examine your face and acknowledge the installments asked. What’s more, off you go. A similar procedure will be utilized for open administrations. On the off chance that you get halted by the police, at that point basically filter your face and they can read your driver’s permit on their gadget. The rundown of chances continues endlessly.

How Biometrids Works?

The given stage is an online ID which is on the blockchain that in its turn utilizes the safe machine learning with a specific end goal to perceive a client’s face and recognize the individual right away. In such a way, it is conceivable to confirm personality super effectively. Furthermore, the information are the most precise.

One critical actuality ought to be included here, the thing is this to a great degree supportive colleague spares the secrecy. In any case, it is conceivable to direct the exchanges with each other. In the event that to be more point by point, it is important to utilize the API which is associated with the Biometrids stage. When this is done any coveted administration can receive the ID convention into its own particular framework. At that point it will be obligatory to utilize the Biometrids ID all together enhance the security altogether. There is no compelling reason to stress any longer as there will be evident that the clients are executing with genuine individuals.

The Beneficial Features of Biometrids

The application can’t be controlled, it is super solid. No more trick cases

Secure and rearranged auto rental process.

Upgraded bundle conveyance process implies that every one of the packages can be conveyed to the real proprietor simply in the wake of examining of the collector confront.

The last, however not the minimum is a huge decline in the shadow economy and shockingly better – its full ejection.

APIs and System

Biometrids are building a platform that other blockchain projects can implement. This could be wallets, banks, companies, real estate partners, and more. If a wallet developer wants to use the system, they simply implement the API.

afterwards, you can use your face to login to your wallet and you will be able to pay them directly. The day stores have implemented a lot of wallets, so it will be very simple to make payments. Simply scan your face and accept the payments requested. And off you go.

The same process will be used for public services. If you get stopped by the police, then simply scan your face and they can read your driver’s license on their device.



The ICO will run for four weeks (from the 16th of December to the 13th of January).

Soft cap 4000 ETH.

Hard at 80000 ETH.

A total of 70.000.000 coins will be set for sale at the following prices:

Week 1: 1000 IDS/1eth.

Week 2: 850 IDS/1eth.

Week 3: 700 IDS/1eth.

Week 4: 600 IDS/1eth.


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