Today, I will like to briefly elaborate the last aspect of Aaron framework that is TabiPay sidechain that is feature to be a banking network in the future.
Tabipay sidechain is a chain of cryptocurrency that is used in both sidechain and transaction chain method’s backing blockchain within the Aaron platform. Tabipay blockchain uses a consortium blockchain and delegated Proof nof stake (DPOS) consensus algorithms in which any partner owns and operate within the platform.
Tabipay was integrated in order to revolutionized the finance of the real economy. Tabipay currency will be used for any transactions within tabipay blockchain. Tabipay is said to be a stable coin which will be correlate with Thai Baht. Traders who are financially restricted can open tabipay account for free and also deposits and to withdraw like normal banking system in their nearby outlets. This can be done by getting into tabipay shop or affiliates. Aaron blockchain is also integrated with App which makes it convenience for trader to make transactions 24/7 without limitations. Find more information in their whitepaper.
Token details
Ticker: EYCToken
Price: 1 EYC= 0,0000125 ETH ( 1 ETH= 80,000 EYC)
Softcap: 19,000 ETH (reached)
Hardcap: 246,100
Total Token: 88,800,000,000
Available for sale: %40 (35,200,000,000)
Note: ICO still going on, remaining 4 days to go. Also this coin has already been listed in six exchanges. Don’t wait and regret later.
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