The FST network is fast, smart, reliable

What is the network FST?

The FST network is a two-level modular network with exploitation software. Designed to provide intelligent, modular and user-friendly scalability into the blockchain space.

The FST network is a layer 3 network, connecting business applications with the underlying Blockchain layer. It is a combination of our Modules and Software Exploitation Mechanism, which not only makes it easy to develop but also creates the original token environment and increases the throughput of the protocol we have attached on 200 Times400.

The FST network is a one-stop solution for the application of Blockchain Technology. This is the first ecosystem in the world to create service modules with industrial engineering thinking, helping companies build quickly and stably based applications and services without Blockchain developers.

One of our main goals at the FST Network is to help speed up the mainstream adoption of the blockchain ecosystem in general.

Only by making the tokenization and Blockchain development process streamlined and simple, entrepreneurs from all walks of life can benefit from the many advantages that the blockchain can bring to it. This is why we make our products comprehensive and comprehensive in nature.

FST token

FST token goes through and supports the entire FST Network.

Businesses, developers and users can use our products and services with FST to join the Blockchain world and become Internal nodes in the FST Network to accelerate the entire system development. Blockchain ecology.

The FST network needs FST token as the Ultimate Key to run through the entire modular ecosystem.

In addition to being a means of payment for the use of modules, participants can also bet to become nodes to maintain the ecosystem by acting as verifiers in 3 unique protocols. of Network FST.


Token info

Token FST

Platform Ethereum

Type ERC20

Price in ICO 0.1272 USD


Investment info

Distributed in ICO 15%

Hard cap 29250 ETH



Your organizations do not need blockchain developers to create applications. By assembling a variety of unique business models with simple logic and easy module replacement, it is possible to significantly reduce the cost of implementing high blockchain.

FST Network is reliable. The FST network addresses repeat development tasks with powerful and flexible modules, allowing businesses to change modules at any time. They focused on implementing string technology compatible with any other out-of-network solution.

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