FundersToken (FST) builds a door for business blockchain


FundersToken officially announced the launch of the FundersToken blockchain module platform at the end of May, providing one-stop service for enterprise blockchain: providing blockchain modules to meet different business scenarios and attention. to customers’ commercial and technical and security modules. , scalability, and the most important practicality.


About sponsors

FundersToken is an advanced business enhancement tool that aims to enable businesses to use the power of blockchain through the release of their token. Thoughtful innovation seeks to bring businesses closer to the blockchain environment without wasting their time and resources on finding professional engagement. FundersToken also aims to focus on a new token standard that will help build reasonable rules and support on blockchain issues and tokens.


How it works

FundersToken tool forms the foundation in which users can issue tokens, manage virtual money, create a token utility and control the market utility of the token. The engine includes the following parts.



block chain The nature of the module block chain is the network protocol. Rules for interacting between machines and machines, such as AIP or TCP / IP, are network protocols that are often heard. Now I want to join the world of blockchain. Most of them are written from Ethereum. When the application is in direct contact with the agreement, there are many control points in the middle. Elasticity becomes very small and stability becomes very poor. When making any adjustments or analysis, it will take a lot of time, a lot of costs and create a lot of channels, so FundersToken creates modules.

Application of Docking technology

Blockless time blockchain is an important technology in the world today, through modularity and characteristics of blockchain technology: irreversible, algorithmic consensus, error rate reduction and infrastructure and efficient connection technology, FundersToken does not simply provide token-based services to businesses, but also to smart cities, industry 4.0, network management and control, etc. , so that these integrated applications are no longer out of reach, but can be stable. The foundation of the floor, widening and pointing out is more possible!

In order for the FundersToken token platform to act as a vending machine, the FundersToken token platform requires that the FST token issued by FundersToken must be released. In the short-term future, FundersToken will also allow the token owner to use proof of the equity mechanism to allow the token owner to authenticate transactions at the cross-chain protocol Proof of Relay. FundersToken’s.









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