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I have good news for you, now present technology called Bitrace. Bitrace is blockchain ttechnology and the token name Is BRF, You can invest in Bitrace and get benefits from in the future. I will give a a little axplanation about bitrace.
What is Bitrace ?
BITRACE INVESTMENTS  LTD  is  a  British  investment  company  based  in  London,  UK,  which  is  a  member  of  KJ Holdings Corp. Bitrace use blockchain technology and we can invest in bitrace . Bitrace looked promising project because bitrace is famous and looked promising to Invest.
Bitrace VISION ” BITRACEwill achieve nothing less than the full potential of our project by driving a new era of creativity, development, growth, and innovation “
Bitrace  consists in building an integratedsportcompound including a Formula 1 Track surrounded by top-class hotel and recreational units :

*. 1 Fully Equipped race Formula
*. 1 circuit
*. 1 Karting
*. 1 Museum
*. 1 International Exhibition Centre
*. 4 Tennis major Stadium
*. International Golf Course
*. 1 Football Stadiumo2 Hotel 5-stars
*. 1 Hotel 7-stars
*. 8 International Restaurants with different cuisinesoBeach facilities including various Beach Clubs
*. 1 Techno-park
*. 4 Major Chalets / VIP Palaces
*. 60 Sea-Side Villaso240 Twin Villas with view over the Golf
*. 600 Apartmentswith sea-view, view over the Golf, and / or Mountains
*. Major International CASINO
*. 1 Major Shopping Mall
*. 25000 Parking lotsoGreen Area& Gardens

Market Opportunity Of Bitrace :


In Tunisia, the manpower, the raw materials and the low  cost  of the Tunisian dinar will be  important factors that will ensure the construction of F1 Circuit at 145million US $.
It is located at three hours in average, from the European capital cities and this IncentivesCode.
A  skilled  staff  with  an  amazingcapacity  to  quickly  master  new  technologies,  looking  for  innovation within all its aspects.
Bitrace Tourism and Travel :
BITRACE Investments  Ltd  is  planning  to  acquire  an  international  Tour  Operator  &  few  Holiday  resorts  and introduce the payment of BITRACEwithin Tunisia, Morocco and Spain in order to allow to the BITRACEholder to:
*. Rent a car using BITRACEin certain Mediterranean countries.
*. Purchase flight tickets from our tour operator for certain destination using BITRACE
*. Purchase Holiday Packages using BITRACE.
*. Purchase Timeshare for our Holiday resorts using BITRACE.
Strateagy :
Bitrace introduce  the  innovation  of  the  cryptocurrency market  via  its  platform  that  will  not  only  revolutionize  the  way  funding  and  services  are  provided within     the     project     for   the   Tunisia     Formula     One     racing,butBITRACEwill     bring    access toseamlesstransactions and services, to all wishing to be involved.
Trading PLatform :
As company which use Blockchain technology, during the year 2018, Bitrace will make sure to list the BRF token in all major international exchanges of the world.In March 2018, this information will be updated and announced in all channels.
About Token and Sale :
BITRACETokens (BRF) used and acceptedthrough its affiliated Businesses (where the Group invests directly) andthrough its collaboration partners worldwide.
Token Symbol ( BRF)
Hard cap ( 57,626,400 US$)
Soft cap (3,000,000 US$)
Total token supply (1,000,000,000 BRF)
Tokens for Pre-Sales (220,000,000 BRF)
Tokens ICO ( 356,264,000 BRF)
Geography ( Available for investors from all over the world apart from the USA and the Republic of Singapore.)
Price of a token  (0.10 US$)
Platform (Ethereum)
Smart-contract (Smart-contract address will be available at the company’s website. during crowd sale.)
Payment method ( ETH, BTC, BCH)
Token standard (ERC20)
Additional token  (Emission Not available.)
Token emission date ( Right after completion of ICO.)
Purchase limit during ICO  ( Minimum purchase is 100 tokens.)
Unsold tokens burning  (Unsold tokens will be burnt within 48 hours after ICO is closed)






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