Greencoin-solving real world problems

Greencoin is the main platform which connects directly to the manufacturer of the Green system and set up a company or a certified professional to customers around the world, helping them to solve the big challenges facing people today , and knowledge-sharing platform allows companies large and small to meet market demand for decentralization. This platform simplifies communication B2C through the creation and demand potential client ecosystem, supporting decentralization escrow based on blockchain, as well as the rules and criteria established to work with the intellectual contract.

Greencoin Platform
Typically, our world and our planet make a lot of changes each year. Unfortunately, this is a major part of the negative changes. The impact of our products on the environment is detrimental to all. The human race is growing, a new way to get rid of life appear. But the consequences will not come soon. Today, scientists see global warming as a serious problem, unfortunately this is one of the key factors that we experience negative. Don’t forget deficit consumption. One of seven of the world’s hungry and this is the biggest global problems of our time. In addition to the detriment of millions of people without food, progress has also been achieved in the areas of health and education. But for the consumption of carburant-c’est also major problem for humanity. It’s sad, but we are addicted. But the time has come to help us not only for ourselves, but also for nature. Every day people are starting to think more about their homeland. Guaranteed.

Proyek Greencoin adalah sebuah platform yang dikembangkan oleh penggemar riang dengan masalah lingkungan. Desentralisasi platform pertama berdasarkan sistem ekologi berkelanjutan yang dirancang untuk memecahkan masalah nyata, hijau sistem produsen dan perusahaan pendiri lokal atau individu-individu yang bersertifikat langsung ke konsumen.

Tujuan utama dari proyek ini adalah untuk menciptakan lingkungan yang produktif, otonom, desentralisasi, dan bisnis yang menggunakan teknologi blackchine untuk sistem distribusi, yang membantu menghilangkan masalah utama orang hari ini. Penggunaan sumber-sumber energi ini tidak lelah, dan yang paling penting, memastikan lingkungan aman.

Ekosistem CNG dapat membeli rumah kaca sistem atau produk langsung dari produsen, yang pertama desentralisasi pasar global, menggunakan harga rendah dan transparan.

Apakah prinsip ekosistem Greencoin?

The essence of this work is very simple and understandable:

Manufacturers publish their products or systems on the Internet/applications.
Users purchase goods or systems in currencies (Fiat, BTC, ETH or CNG).
Manufacturers supply products to consumers.
Manufacturers provide technical support to users.
Buyers can rent local installers.
Use CNG tokens as a way to encourage customer loyalty programs.
Green Coin is a knowledge-sharing platform with a decentralized market available to small and large companies. A simple ecosystem of demand and supply to create potential customers and B2C communications, supports decentralized support of Escrow based on Blackchine and ensures compliance with established rules and standards for working with Smart contracts.

This platform is very convenient for buyers and has its advantages. Offering only the ability to call high quality products and systems that provide 24/7 technical support, online shopping, competent adapters, constant system updates and technology.

Of course, manufacturers have many advantages:

To ensure full control over prices.
User-friendly Interface integrated into a principle.
The marketing program is designed for direct buyers.
Reduce advertising costs
Convenient and quick payment and response methods.
Sales Tokens
The Greencoin sign (CNG) is a fundamental element of the Greencoin ecosystem. The goal is to facilitate all kinds of operations on the platform.

Token ID-CNG

Type: ERC20 etherm blackchine

Total issued tokens: 50 000 000

Currency received-ETH, BTC

Cost of chips in PRE-ICO: 1 ETH = 500 CNG

Minimum investment-0.1

Hard cover: 60 000 ETH

Soft hat: 10000 ETH

Bonus for pre-ICO-15%. Also join the 5% White list.

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