The blockchain was invented to help to help build an effective, formidable, reliable and transparent financial body around the globe. Ever since it’s discovery a lot of projects have emanated to help solve the so many problems faced by man, these cryptocurrencies would hold no value and would serve no purpose without the existence of exchanges to help propel and project it’s course to people worldwide. Crypto Exchanges makes it possible for people to exhange their crypto assets with other cryptocurrencies or even FIAT.

In the world today, a good number of crypto exchanges already exist, some are centralised, while others are fully decentralised, all with their own different kind of challenges which affects the collective effectiveness and overall performance of these exchanges. But with the creation of IRONX, all these and many other challenges encountered while using current exchanges would be solved to a very great extent.

IRONX exchange

Having seen the numerous challenges faced by traders on most crypto exchanges, a team of vast and well experienced crypto ethusiasts came together and formed an idea that led to the creation of a highly advanced cryptocurrency trading platform called probit, it was designed to cub challenges encountered while trading on exchanges. It helps to offers traders some sense of comfort, satisfaction and security while trading.

Examples of Challenges encountered by most exchanges today

Some of the issues currently encountered by most trading while trading on current exchanges includes

1) inadequate security: most traders are at risk of losing their funds while trading on most exchanges due to lack of adequate security measures put in place.

2) complicated interface: most exchanges come with very complicated interfaces, making their platforms difficult for newbies to use freely

3) lack of variety: people are usually constrained as to the trading pairs they are left to choose from on most exchanges, thereby making for settle for option not so desirable.

These are just to mention but a few challenges faced by traders while trading on crypto exchanges

The IRONX Solution

IRONX comes with a lot features that seeks to solve the challenges faced while trading cryptocurrencies. And some of features are highlighted below:

Low trading fees: users of the probit exchange are able to enjoy low trading fees for all trades, this fee even becomes lower when the probit token is used to pay for the transactions.

high speed: one of the prominent feature of probit exchange is it’s ability to process numerous transaction in a very short period of time, it is estimated that the platform can process up to 1.5 million transactions per second

easy to use interface: the interface of the probit exchange has been simplified such that even newbies can be able to trade freely on it without having to pass through the difficulty associated with trading on other exchanges with complex interfaces

variety: traders are provided with a large number of trading pairs to choose from, with numerous quality tokens to trade as well.

tight security: the exchange is built in such a way that funds of users are given maximum protection as a good amount of users funds if being stored in a cold wallet separate from the exchange wallet. So even in cases of hack, funds if users won’t be compromised.

utility: only holders of the probit tokens have an extra discount they enjoy while trading using the exchange’s token to pay for transactions.


The IRONX platform will tremendously improve the trading condition of traders by providing an enabling environment for them to trade freely without any form of hassle whatsoever. The platform will in no small way disrupt the trading ecosystem and make the act of trading an enjoyable one for traders of cryptocurrency








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