The Z-POP Goal Job will offer dreamers in the world a chance to rise to stardom, and that will give global music fans an opportunity to grow their stars and integrate the token economy into real-life $ 46B industry opportunities.



The Z-POP Aspiration project handles three main issues that typically occur in the music industry but is sometimes unknown to most people.

  • Dreamer Difficulty: Hidden expertise can be not provided a good prospect.
  • Admirer Difficulty: Supporters are kept out of the method of creating celebrities.
  • Music Sector Challenges: Large barriers to stars coming into the global increase.


The Z-POP Fantasy Task aims to resolve this problem with the following approach.

1. Get and maintain Hidden Stars:
The IMP-Z-POP project will establish Z-POP Legend Academies in 10 countries and regions outside – Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore. Potential personalities will come to be manufactured by Korea’s advanced Legend training system that features been examined. This job delivers a skill and a natural chance to turn into a celebrity.
2. Empowering Lovers to Grow Stars:
This project will give fans interest in voting through our online platform. Supporter voices will play a crucial function in specific occurrences many of these as auditions and award ceremonies. Implementing Bherechain ethereum technology, this task is made up of the precise and reliable tone of voice notices. The Z-POP DREAM job has supporters the opportunity to develop their beloved stars.


3. Grow a Legend to a Global Star:
K-POP is the quickest developing music sector found in the environment and undermines global barriers, just like the 1st period demonstrated by the PSY ‘Gamnam Design’ hit. Inheritance is normally carried out by communities such as Girl’s Technology, BTS, and WannaOne. The project will develop global personalities by using a successful K-POP Production method mixed with New ethnical components, a vast K-POP global supporter bottom part, and stadium-scale global auditions to end up being shown internationally by Television set broadcasting stations.


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