EcoStart- A new approach to financing environmental projects using Blockchain technology.

The innovative Blockchain technology has revolutionized how different sectors of the world economy transact their business. The ecological sector has not been left behind and environmental enthusiasts have something to smile about. In the past, there have been challenges as far as investment in environmental projects is concerned, with intermediaries meddling in the whole transaction process. But with EcoStart, there is the transfer of power and control to whom it belongs- the investors and owners of TECO cryptocurrency.


But first things first.

What Is TECO Cryptocurrency?

TerraEcocoin TECO is a private cryptocurrency, the only one in the world that financially supports environmental projects in an automatic mode. The TerraEcocoin in the hands of investors and entrepreneurs who finance environmental campaigns will see an increased attraction of capital for environmental projects and an environmental audience that have specific goals in implementing environmental projects.

The EcoStart platform in conjunction with IEF will see the consolidation of funds in Cryptotics and allocated for the implementation of ecological projects in the form of grants and investments approved by the majority coin holders of the TerraEcocoin.

The EcoStart Ecosystem

Ecostart is an innovative solution for environmental projects on the global market. Created on an open blockchain system, the application, and software solution is implemented in the form of a public distributed cryptographic platform to support environmental and nature protection projects.

The release of the TECO cryptocurrency is a step towards achieving this goal and with the decentralized fundraising application- investment environmental fund (IEF) there will be the creation of a personal digital token and much more. This will enable initiators of environmental projects to create their own tokens that they can use as product tokens, shares in the project, electronic cryptoexels and participation certificates.

The tokens are issued by a single or accelerated emission for a specific project and approved by the Ecostart platform comprising of an expert community of authorized trackers.

How Does It Work?

The platform will be created on Ecostart’s block system that will meet its requirement for cost-effectiveness, reliability, and speed. Currently, the ecosystem uses Ethereum where smart contracts at the ICO stage are written on it. The platform combines several technological solutions including applications that are already in use, into a single system.

EcoStart uses the blocking technology to solve several tasks at the same time, from the creation of fundraising services to writing down information on trading operations of clients and to the sale of tokens in the ICO. With the transparency aspect of the blocking technology, customer confidence in EcoStart grows to admirable levels.

The EcoStart Ecosystem has seen the integration of the TECO cryptocurrency to enable all ecosystem services to be carried out with it. With increased transactions and activities on the EcoStart platform, and the higher the participation of buyers and sellers of the cryptocurrency, the more benefits all participants will receive.

The development of the cryptosinger as a communication channel also opens up environmental enthusiasts to a convenient and functional mode of communication in the ecological community while ensuring maximum confidentiality and anonymity.

EcoStart Conclusion

With the growth in the number of active users of the EcoStart platform, their demand for the token will grow as well. Soon the value of the token will increase to great levels.

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