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Greetings of the community, in this new post I will discuss about ViCoin Project and the following is the Review:
Virtonomics This is a fundamentally new paradigm and platform for creating the dominant crypto, VICoin, which is based on the development of cyberspace alternatives.
We develop an ecosystem that enables one to have a basic knowledge of business, management, and entrepreneurship to become a search engine using their own experience and expertise to get crypto in a multi-user global business simulator of macro and microeconomic processes. Through the interaction of economic agents.
We develop a virtual ecosystem where you can generate a return on your investment in virtual enterprise assets, generate “fuel” for crypto power, without using megawatts of power, buying expensive hardware and video cards, or leasing for mining companies. In addition, this will enable the immediate capitalization of intellectual ability, management skills, work and time devoted to the creation and development of virtual economy.
In this virtual ecosystem, everyone can start and manage their own business, invest all available capital in their development, and receive crypto that can be converted from their investments.
We create alternative ecosystems where owners and leaders of large virtual companies that produce sufficient crypto, regardless of location, can hire others to manage and grow businesses and pay for it in crypto.
Advantages of Virtonomics project and investment in Tokens VICoin
  1. Virtonomics is an active and well known trust project. This global commercial simulator has been running for years and has become one of the most popular commercial simulators around the world. It has the best search results for relevant key queries, such as “online business simulations”, thousands of new organic user enrollments each month, stable viewers and over 2 million registered users worldwide.
  2. In addition to the growing community of blockchain, which is still compact, the project is targeting a wider commercial community and people looking for clear and available Internet tools and revenue for all.
  3. The project team is one of the world’s strongest in its core field, creating complex multi-user simulations and complex virtual economies.
  4. Winning VIC (VICoin) does not require expensive mining equipment or the use of electric megawatts.
  5. User actions and decisions affect the performance of their virtual business and, consequently, the amount of crypto they dig.
  6. VICoin tokens have AppCoins status, and since they are application currency, they are free from regulatory risks.
  7. From the time of release, VICoin token released a simple naturalization channel: External services receive CIV with more favorable terms than trust money. For example, from the time of trouble in VIC, Simformer can pay for various educational services at a high discount of up to 50%. Users may use the service themselves or resell it to anyone at their sole discretion. The number of partner resources increases actively.
  8. Unlike most self-replicating cryptoes, VICoin is based on creating real value and user activity aimed at creating ecosystems with real economic value.
Vicoin organized an ICO that will start on December 7, 2017 and end on March 7, 2018 with Blockchain technology due to the benefits of Blockchain. According to experts, Blockchain lowers costs, creates trust in the ecosystem and has no central control. Each block chain action can be seen in a public accountant’s book so that it is transparent. Vicoin is ERK20 TOKEN that is compatible with fuel savings. Here you can contribute and receive part of the future in the form of Vicoin tokens: Price I Vic for ETH is $ 0.8
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