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Presentation of the portfolio of the foreign atoms and wallet

One of the basic requirements of cryptography is to invest in different types of currency cryptograph for any currency to get rid of the problem of making a different capital. In addition, the basic requirements and the requirements of other foreigners must be converted into other currencies for which you want to create an account in other foreign exchange service, because each support different currencies! But if you wait for the service to meet the basic needs of these two? You do not believe?
So let me introduce the portfolio wallet atom and atom wallet.
Nuclear Briefcase is painting a portrait of multi-currencies to collect 300 kinds of currencies that are encrypted, such as Etharium, Litakon, Bitcoins, stars, which can be stored on the platform. The Atomic Vault is available and can be downloaded on many popular operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora. The mobile version of the application is also developed for Android and IOS.

You can receive a personal key and recycling words
The most important thing in this portfolio is that Atoms do not store bag and do not have access to the private key and the data on your server and do not save all the data on your system. You can also get a private key for the money you have. If you have experience with currency that was encrypted, you know how much of this functionality is used. In addition, there are 12 words to recycle throughout the capital. In this case, if the gloves were installed were stolen or damaged, you can use these 12 words for store inventory on a new computer.

Possibility to convert different currency. Fake
One of the best features of the nuclear portfolio is that it supports the internal foreign currency conversion. In other words, to convert currency into another currency, you do not need to transfer to another currency. In this program you can easily convert a currency into another currency in just a few clicks.

possibility to buy a currency that is encrypted
Atom wallet credit card also allows consumers to purchase a variety of currencies that is encrypted with a credit card. Using this feature, users can bet on naughty or Mastercard to buy bitcoin, bitcoin-cache, Etherum, light and ripples.

Support Atomic spy at the Walt
As mentioned earlier, the Atom Walllet supports more than 300 new currency that is encrypted. To see a large number of currencies that are supported, visit:

Special signs wallet atom also has special signs. This AWC token, which is called, has a total of 100 million tokens, which will not be added in any way. This token is located on the network and is based on standard Ethereum ERC20.

Working with atom wallet
I realized when I found this portfolio applications, a very simple interface makes it easy to work with this application. Everything is just a few clicks away. Of access to the private key for the domestic exchanges and currency conversion by purchasing with a credit card, all things are yours. In this way, ATT Walt can be a complete tool to maintain, buy and convert currencies is encrypted. Tools that bring simplicity to the encrypted world currencies.

Well, it is a simple introduction to a project that is strong in the field of Cryptography. I hope you can use it.

To access the Walt’s website:

For more information about this project, we recommend that you download and read technical documents:
https: // atomicwallet .io / unduh / atomicwallet-whitepaper.pdf

Note: this
You are responsible for the financial investment in the project. We have presented it. Before you invest in this project, make sure you do the research.

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