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Warning: Cryptolotto Mitoshi Mitoshi provides a marker sale chip Mitozov used to access the platform. They are not part of Mitashi Worldwide Limited, they are registered in Hong Kong or not stock interests.

The idea is the next generation of online gaming and Lotteries run by the block, which can overcome the limitation of Lotto and provides worldwide. This should be a contribution to expand the market the Lottery’s mission in developing countries in developed countries and organising the lottery contest with a high and stable growth.
This plan is described in some graphic proposal to ensure transparent competition on the block to overcome all the problems that exist in the industry:

The main problem for all competitions and lottery stocks, in particular the issue of transparency and control that arise in them, is always questionable if donation is too large for the transparency in the market or for long term benefits;
Since the lottery on the market innovation doesn’t change much from these days, and there are technologies that can be found, there are ways to reduce the use of less invention, distorted and methods of cheating;
This Protocol limiting the scope geographically some sweepstakes for the competition, but in this case there are many taxes that reduce payments;
Certain geographical affiliation, related to supervision, is the absence of competition that will affect the number of people involved in the competition, despite not winning is not good for the competition;
The previous link also influenced the development of the industry, because there is a narrow window of a consistent growth used to develop new actors and innovation without innovation;
The above issues, the ETH platform, Mitoshi tackle smart contracts, the proposed solution using the Playmitoshi portal, which includes account, capital formation Mitoshi tokens to enter the lottery, the character played by lotteries, lottery, Mitoshi required The start based on a certain date, or blochchain at the same time, if the winner is wise is for you because of the capital. The proposed blocks taken from the last block is removed from the battle of battle of the block. Seven films are offered as a regular image, where the image of the world based on the number of the number entry and time it provides jackpot.
Competition contract must ensure that the competition is difficult to use and all the competition sure, anonymous and secure the victory.
Sales of the next token is scheduled for September, with 68% of the signal is expected to be calculated per billion for sale, resulting in a reduced bonus sale ATH, BTC and the official dollar, currencies and currency-soft vendors 20 000 000 dollars. Tickets will be frozen until the time of Exchange.
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