Bitjob-distributed P2P student market

Hello faithful readers a chance today I will introduce to you all about the Bitjob project, this is a clever platform with quasi contract development. Build a platform Ethereum eliminates the need to entrust the administrator of the server. Transparency allows for robust microtransactions for certification, verification, identity verification, voting, and the Commission’s reputation and distribution.

How does Bitjob work?
It is very simple: choose from the list of posts to relevant work by providing services related to the online market, ensuring the delivery of high quality, and you would like to receive instant payments to your choice, as Student passwords, even in the form of cash. Students can create a profile and reputation to introduce their activities for a dynamic biography curriculum biography (DPR) associated with the name of their site! Website of the HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES will revolutionize how HR gathering students and graduates, depending on technical evidence proved, not LinkedIn profile or the skill version of the past (and present).

Recruit students and employers
We created a fantastic affiliate program to strengthen the relationship between bitjob and students. The partnership received a Commission from each transaction. We started with a pilot deal leading Student Association of Israel, with employers who are willing to participate. We also negotiate with the most important search engine for working to ensure consistent quality workflow.

Product marketing
Alliances around the world continued to participate in major trade and professional conversion program. To attract students as much as possible to our market, we are making the largest stimulus through the affiliate program. This is the configuration of the success that plays an important role in the success of Bitjob. With a focus on small jobs students online, players will be keen to recruit staff who follow the next generation.

Mission Bitjob
When we meet our first investment in the Bitcoin, we fell to jam in 2011. When he came into the world, we realized that it was what we were waiting for. The idea of bitjob is that we need money fast as our students appear in our time while enjoying the meeting as teachers. After entering the labor market after graduation, we are faced with the most painful problems that do not meet the expectations that after the students spent time after graduation, they would have zero experience as a career, and will not contribute to continue to determine.

As powerful, I also found another businessman with hard work on the hiring of temporary workers the quality on a budget, most of them students (80%) are not recruited. Our solution is to contact the entrepreneurs involved in small jobs on the internet so that they can continue to specialize in related professions.

As a company that tries to influence the world, helps students, and promote the technology block, our dreams fulfilled.

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