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Decentralized Asset Trading Platform is a trading platform worked to lead exchanges utilizing outsiders with ERC-20 that utilization DATP Tokens as exchange charges. Making exchanges rapidly, turns into the most recent advancement exchange and exchanges safely with the proposed merchant orbuyer without trading for expansive withdrawal expenses.

Our platform is an undertaking utilizing the ERC20 platform with the reason for outsider exchanges utilizing ERC-20. The principle innovative points of interest of the platform are the crosschain convention and Ethereum. The crosschain convention uses keen contracts executed on both Ethereum and DATP token. These two blockchains give two-layer bookkeeping and assets exchange framework. Moment and low-expense exchanges are fuelled by DATP token

Points and goals

The primary goal of this task is to create DATP Tokens as an outsider installment device in a split second, lessen the dangers related with cryptocurrency, increment the security and productivity of computerized asset ventures and make motivating forces for undertaking speculators.

To satisfy this objective we set these destinations:

● Develop decentralized asset stockpiling and exchange instruments based on Ethereum, Decentralized Asset Trading Platform, savvy contracts, crosschain prophets and administration prophets;

● Increasing security Transactions between clients utilizing outsider exchange go-betweens

● Develop DATP Tokens with inherent multi-currency wallets and P2P securing, exchange and currency trade apparatuses;

● Develop open API and discharge SDK for outsider engineers.

● Using DATP Token as an outsider installment on the Ethereum Network.


DATP Token is a trading platform worked to lead exchanges utilizing outsiders with ERC-20 that utilization DATP Tokens as exchange charges. Making exchanges rapidly, turns into the most recent development exchange and exchanges safely with the proposed vender or purchaser without trading for extensive withdrawal expenses.

Utilize the DATP Token as a Transaction Fee. DATP Token is valuable as installment for moment outsider ERC-20 exchanges. Enables clients to make exchanges securely and helpfully utilizing the framework on our platform.

DATP tokens produced from ICO will be exchanged on any trade that is eager to show them, and obviously all alone platform. Each DATP Token holder is included with effective exchanges, which will make a characteristic viral eect on the grounds that more individuals purchase, move or hold.


Network and overall help is vital for modern development, and in that capacity, sponsorship is currently major up and coming occasions not exclusively to help spread the news about exchanges, however to help support the occasion itself to guarantee the network digital money develops however much as could reasonably be expected.

Platforms joined by the Third Intermediate System will over an element rich client encounter that will help create benefits changes in return rates on different monetary standards at the same time.

Hazard and Scam Alert

To limit the event of SCAM in exchanges, the initial step is that we have held the client information from KYC they did while confirming the record, the information

can be utilized as an examination material with the client concerned.

The portfolio administrator will help clients in keeping up very beneficial crypto-portfolio, give data on current market state, counsel on the ideal organization and naturally streamline portfolio as needs be.

All records in our Platform that can make exchanges are just records that have been checked with KYC with material gauges. This is a stage to enhance security between clients to have the capacity to execute serenely.

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